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Emergency Earth Recovery — 350

(Note: this list is, of course, complete speculation; its purpose is to note the elements I consider essential for limiting further damage)

I ~ We have a sacred obligation to future generations to leave a sustainable earth with the absolute minimum of permanent damage, no matter the cost.

II ~ Ongoing damage to the earth must be stopped as soon as possible be they driven by fossel fuel companies or governments.

III ~ We must create plans with each goverment contributing a significant portion of emissions. These plans must be createed according to a schedule determined by a world climate governing body.

IV ~ This body shall be constituted of representatives from the leading climate change research universities as well as the United Nations IPCC.

V ~ The goal shall be to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide to 350 ppm.

VI ~ Research into nuclear capability based on the MIT and other comparable studies shall be started immediately to determine feasibility for power generation for public use and for powering negative emission systems.

VII ~ Nuclear reactors, if determined to be suitable, shall be designed, manufactured and operationed to the highest safety standards possible. Designs and methods shall be standarized. An appropriate public education program shall be implemented to asuage fears.

VIII ~ Costs shall be allocated on a fair basis determined by past emissions and ability to contribute.

IX ~ All other methods of accomplishing objectives shall be considered.

X ~ A preliminary plan, along the lines of this document shall be published no later than mid-2020. Critical long lead projects shall begin by the end of 2020.

XI ~ A world-wide relief capability shall be developed to aid severly devestated areas.

XII ~ A program that maximizes fair and helpful cooperation shall be formally instituted. This program shale be given the highest priority by all nations.


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