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The Physics of Warming Categories Scientists Researchers Observers Communicators Believers Skeptics Deniers Knowledgable in science Skeptical or simply non-conprehending Religiously motiated Open minded suitable for teaching Close minded-already decided Reaction of Humans Religion Affects point of view Does not effect point of view Science Political Governments Nations Secular Nations Religious Nations Dictorial Nations Democratic Nations Rational Nations Irretional Business general Business producers Are not rational once Exceptionalists (deniers) Problems Difficulty of comprehending Tribaalism Don't believe from the start Teachable Difficulty in characterizing various approaches Negative emissions (active-airscrubbing) Passive (trees, soil, etc.) Nuclear Irrational reactions by public Difficulty in comprehending Hostility of carbon based business Renewables Solar & Wind Longevity Transmission Storage Suitable locations Time Lateness may be catastrophic People chose perspectives arbitrarily (i.e. they believe what they want to believe) Science is very hard to comprehend Very rarely is enough science taught Locations Subject to Extreme heat Water scarcity Food scarcity Sea level rise Disease Politicl instability Not prepared to deal with heat Mediation No central authority Irrationality of US Limited scientific resource Limited mediation resource Rising emissions Provacator of foreign instability Limited educational resources Climate Difficult to model Has already warmed too much Unpredictability Ice Gas prodution (methane Anomalis events Storms Flooding Tornadoes Fires Heat Rate of response to various inputs or mediations

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