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What I would like you to know before reading further.

All original material including text, graphics, and copy is ©2019 by John Wawrzonek. All rights reserved.

This website is strictly my own work except for links and material copied from other websites. My intent is to give credit, but time has limited what I can do. I have spent a year and a half on this (yes, I know it doesn't look it) and it is created with SmugMug because I knew a bit about how to use the platform from having created my photographic website). SmugMug also has superlative tech support and I am amazed what I have been able to do with it.

I am associated with no group, company or business of any kind and have received no compensation. I have lost considerable money from not attending to my photographic work. Many credits are misssing. The website is intended for educational purposes only and getting all of the credits right was too time consuming since i changed things so often.

I have been very discouraged with the media coverage of global warming and particularly the failure to teach the public effectively. I doubt this closes the gap very well. I am disapppointed that scientists talk super precise science lingo and even well educated non-scientists simply do not "get it" when talking about science, although there are exceptions.

The site will require a password. Comments are welcome, both positive and negatives. However I do not want to argue with deniers. I did not do this work "voluntarily" but because I was discoursaged with other coverage. You may think it crazy to go back to the big bang, but I consider the earth sacred in a non-religious sense and am appalled, discouraged, angry about how the earth is treated and how little we are doing to save it now when it would have been so much easier a few decades earlier.

John Wawrzonek, john@inanothersshoes.com

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