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“The Destruction of Life

by Devil Donald.” 

1. No one is saying/defining what Life should be, so no one knows where we should be going and therefore how to "beat the devil."

2. It is Life vs life. Life is the search for TRUTH about the universe. D.D. does not understand the meaning of TRUTH.

3. Truth is beauty and beauty is truth.

4. Scientists, artists, teachers, seekers of all kinds search for truth whether they know it or not.

5. The more beautiful a picture, the more it reveals the Truth of the universe.

6. The truth of science reveals in mathematical form how the universe works. The better the theory the more beautiful it is and the more Truth it reveals.

7. D.D. recognizes only two kinds of truth: the mathematics of money, the brutality of bullying.

8. D.D. does this because his soul is empty. He has to incessantly beg for praise. There is nothing in his soul so the begging and brutality never stop.

9. Money and power are substitutes for the truth and beauty that should be the scaffolding of any soul. Without the scaffolding, all sinks into a black hole.

10. No soul is more important than any other. That is the fundamental assertion we make as human beings.

11. I assert that it is the right and responsibility of every human being to state the nature and purpose of humanity without any authority other than intelligence and the ability to observe.

12. The nature of the universe gave us the ability to do this.

13. I assert that it is my responsibility to discover truth, to help others discover truth with the goal of creating joy in my soul and in another’s soul. Death and description are the opposite of beauty and truth.

14. Without this thread to bind us together we  become devils in the form of D.D.

15. The essence of the process between two human beings is called “reciprocity,” (which is also the Golden Rule).

16. I assert that we all have the responsibility to work to increase the total amount of joy in the world and that is a sacred responsibility, for joy is the ultimate purpose of the universe.

17. The longing for power and money is the antithesis of reciprocity. Reciprocity even exists between a CEO and a laborer, for each needs the other.

18. Helping another experience joy is an experience of joy.

19. There is a false joy in power and money. There is no reason to gather more than the minimum necessary for life except to help others.

20. This trap was placed there at the time of creation and it is the most important thing we must overcome.

21. We can do this by putting ourselves in another person’s shoes, but that only works if we have a soul with something in it and want to discover what is in the other person’s soul so we may enjoy the experience of the reciprocal creation of joy.

22. The most important of all truths are hidden nearby. In fact they are as nearby as possible since they are in our souls.

23. We have failed in this for all around us is the beauty of the world in which we should act, and we have set that world on the course to destruction. As far as we can see there is no turning back. It will take a miracle of joining together searching for the truth of the universe that would allow us to save the earth. D.D. and his cohorts and all those of like mind cannot comprehend this and are leading us to suffering and destruction.

24. We are now lost for Devil Donald has risen.

25. D.D. is willing to kill children so he and his cohorts can have more money. Anther house, another boat, another hotel is built on the graves of those to whom we have denied health care and other necessities.

26. Lower taxes do nothing but add to incalculable riches. No creative person works for money.

27. A smaller government simply lets us rob those with less to give to those with more.

28. These are the words of D.D. and his cohorts and contain pure evil for they are not true. They benefit those who assert them while fooling those who will be the victims, for no one has taught the victims otherwise.

29. We are fooled in many ways, but especially by the color of one's skin.

30. We are all Africans for we are all descended from a small band of homo sapiens that migrated north from Africa about 50,000 years ago.

31. Our skin color depends on the amount of sun where are forebears settled. Less sun and we must have less pigment in our skin to create vitamin D.

32. But color gives an excuse and creates a vulnerability.

33. I despair almost infinitely that this can be changed. But I am writing this in the hope that some truth will be uncovered and motivate those who try to do good and give them power to overcome.

34. One has to start somewhere and no one has yet stated the beginning and the end so as humans we cannot comprehend and therefore assert what we must do. Many do it intuitively. Many do understand it. Perhaps we can get more to join us. Perhaps we can get enough to join us.

If not now, when?


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