THE MOST CRUEL MEN - John Wawrzonek



This man likes it when children die so he and his henchmen can criticize those who criticize him. He thinks that it is just fine that 30,000 or so people die each year from bullets. 

He is is a personification of evil. He cannot think because he has let himself be brainwashed. He gets his jollies from murder weapons.

This man thinks it is good to fill shoes with blood. He thinks wars solve problems and are good. He was chosen by the president to be security advisor.

This man is a famous Harvard professor. He thinks that because we kill a smaller percentage of our population than our distant ancestors that we have made progress.

I don't think what our ancestors did is relevant. We must think within our own context. I think that killing a million or so civilians is a horrendous crime. I don't think this is progress.

This man is a self-described  expert in real estate.  Beyond that he does not think  because he has no knowledge to think with. His method of management is to bully. He chooses people like himself to be his helpers.

He has nuclear weapons he thinks it is ok to toss around. Nuclear weapons leave no shoes to fill with blood. He may be the most dangerous man in all of history. His henchmen will destroy the planet.

only 300 more to go

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