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An Incomprehensible Beginning

WHY WOULD A PRESENTATION ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING begin with a presentation about the origin of the universe, something that seems irrelevant to almost everyone I speak to. However, it did happen 13.82 billion years ago and that taps into the "anything that far back could not affect me." Although if you were "born" in a sense at that time, it surely is relevant.

There is a disconnect between virtually everyone including scientists, intellectuals, philosophers between what we, homo sapiens, are now, how we live, what our brains are like, and the Earth. I don't mean a disconnect in that we don't admire beautiful scenery, that we don't enjoy the outdoors or most everything else in our lives. I mean something a bit deeper.

We very much take the Earth for granted. It was here when we were physically born, and we might have learned that it would be here for billions of years. We have not been taught until recently that what we do to it makes much difference. And certainly On the whole we are not taking global warming seriously. We are already in the process of flooding cities, tearing cities and the countryside apart with vicious storms, burning hundreds of thousands of acres with wildfires aggravated by drought and heat, and much more.

And the leading scientist, James Hansen, who presented a detailed warning to congress 30 years ago has now said that "the shit has hit the fan," which I interpret to mean that if we do not act fast there will be a cataclysm from which we cannot recover.

Newspapers such as the New York Times for the most part has, despite warnings of serious troubles to come, burried climate news in a corner of page 13.

This earth, despite the discovery of many others that might sustain life, is the only one we have. And any talk of establishing colonies on mars or the moon is hopelessly, absurdly, ridiculous. And we also have a president who thinks climage change is a hoax and is conspiring with our enemies to bring back coal, the worst of the fossil fuels

Then there is the profound mystery illustrated below of how we, all of us, the earth and everything in the universe were created in an instant (literally) from a point (literally) in space. And if numbers should mean anything what was created from this instantaneous point far smaller than a single atom, weighs 1044 kilograms.

As we have come to overwhelming the planet with our presence we have acquired an necessity to become more familier with how it and we arrived here. There is a much brorder topic of why we are who we are that I hope to write about elsewhere. Suffice to say that it is amazing and the only books that talk about it are religious ones, and they dodge the issues by not explaining, but by giving names, such as "god," to the explanations.

The Earth is one result of this process.

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THE TIME SEEMS INCREDIBLE. 13.82 billion years, yet on a cosmic scale. Our minds were given consciousness and sentience so we could see and think. Our brains could decipher the entire history of where we came from. Then why then could we not treat our jewel of a planet so it would not be destroyed. I have yet to meet someone who understands the question let anot to mention having an answer. Science can explain everything after the big bang except the origin of life, consciousness and sentience. Science can unite the four forces but not keep us in touch with the roots of life.

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