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This is the site I started about one year ago (January 2018) with the url: inanothersshoes.com. It was intended to be the bright side and the dark side of humanity. I sometimes focus on the dark in order to make it brighter. And on the brighter so we recognize it more easily.

So this is day 1 am going back, because Trump and Co. have given me as much as I am willing to take.

I am going to try to focus more on the up side, but there is, unfortunately so much that needs improving, or to my way of thinking, rethinking.

The slide show running here while I get my act together is of our grandaughter Amelia born just about a year ago. I don't have a schedule, but you can always have a look at caringfortheearth.com. Just click HOME in the top line.




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and what happens when we fail to


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