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A Metaphor for Neglecting the Earth


Alaska Airlines Flight 261

RISKā€”It's Our Home and We Don't Have Another One

For years I have struggled to find a way to convey the risk of a ridiculously inadequate response to the warming of our planet.

The first part is to understand risk. There are two kinds of consequences of risk: one you can recover from and the other you cannot. When you cannot, you die.

The link here is to a detailed story of a fatal airplane crash I have know about for a long time. It illustrates so many points about how we have and are dealing with climate change.

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1. Neglect for a long time: more and more carbon into the air vs. poor maintince procedures.

2. Gradual warming of the planet vs. planes comeing less and less safe.

3. Neglecting warning signs

4. Flight controls begin to fail in flight vs. a host of mainly localized weather calamities

5. Loss of control of the plane vs. loss of control of the temperature of the planet

6. A headlong dive into the ocean vs. fatally high temperatures, flooded cities, insufficient food, millions of deaths and so on.

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The earth's temperature in 1885.

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The earth's temperature in 2017.

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