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Two Hundred Years in a Pickle Jar

Pretending to figure out humanity is a bit arrogant, but then humans offer so very good clues, although some require a bit of digging.

In my thinking I usually start with what science I may know and then go on to try to figure out the rest.

When I began this website, the big question was is ther global warming and if that is not settled in your mind a little googling is in order. Wildfire, record rains, record storms, record just about anthing the weather can do combined with a blanket of several gasses and if this is not convincing, keep reading.

The pickle is we may well have done in the climate by not paying attention. Scientists warned us and laid out the process of the greenhouse effect and the temperature kept increase until we know have a constant flow of anomalysis weather events and a warmer earth, warm enough that it may already be out of control. Out of control means that should we stop all emissions and add all the negative emission capability we can manage.

This is now complicated by a host of scientific and political issues combined with human characteristics likely inherited. We hord, we form tribes, we are loyal to the tribes but we are not very loyal to humanity. We do whatever the hell we want to with the earth, spew out any resulting pollution includig including greenhouse gasses in staggering quantity.

The political situation is a terrible one in that we do not have a political leader of sufficient strengeth to pull all the tribe together.

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