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Amelia’s Intentions

Beginning My Way

Amelia is my granddaughter, the daughter of our son Gregory and Cristine Rodregeraz. Cristine was an intended creation with the intent of stabilizing their relationship. The relationshop broke apart shortly after Amelia’s birth. However, Amelia continues to thrieve and visits with my wife Susan for a good part of a day once per week. They play, shop, play with out dogs, Raster and Whimsey.

Amelia has the most extraordiary personality. She was pure joy from the instant of her birth and has just become more so month by month.

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My Intentions


I am in my 81st year and focused on two things: preserving 40 years of photographic work and understanding existence. I have been a student of cosmology since middle school, let that interest fade a bit until a few years ago when the realities of life in the 21st century camer roaring down my brainstem.

Today, September 24, 2021 (now 25) came roaring down upon me. I have been reading a number of books about the most basic concepts of existance, particularly (for the second time) Jim Holt’s ”Existence” subtitled ”why is there something rather than nothing.” I am going to skip the details for now. However, a concept not raised (so far) by anyone I am aware of is that of ‘intent.’

It must seem strange to bring this up under a picture of Amelia, but that that happened when I had intended to put one of my nature photographs there. But Amelia’s gallery appeared first and seemed to embody (in a 3 1/2 year old) the essence of intent which is something of an old idea I have had about extence. It runs parallel with the idea of an “information field” and, of couse raises the question whether such a field could exist without physical matterto hang on to the information. So for a beginning I will toss Claude Shannon aside and postulate a new kind of information embodied (so far) entirely in verbs, with the most important being intent.

Thus the question is whether the universe exists because intent exists without any matter to get the thing going.

So we begin, by my admitting I do not know (mostly) where this is going, but that something in me tells me that Jim Holt may be barking up the wrong tree and that all meaning is an expression of intent, this is the same when pressing a key on the piano as it is pulling a trigger. So out of the infinity of intents, how do we choose, and is this what is meant by existence.

We have some thinking to do. After breakfast.

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