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However, and this is critical, the MIT plan does not include a proposal for implimintation. This is a fundamental defficiency, namely getting something serious done, now. If ever there were a danger confronting the entire world, this is it. Essentially it amounts to no one being in change. Someone or some organization has to take the reins and get moving. The first (and second and third) choice would be the preseident of the United States, becuse in normal times he commands respect, knowledge, enormous resources, and power. The cataclism is that Donald Trump posses none, and I would repeat none, of the required characteristics. His technical knowledge is zero (I am not exaggerating), and he posses none of the qualities of a leader and at this moment public hearings are being held on potential impeachment.

Where could we possibly turn to. Other large and power countries are run by dictators of impossible character.

What is left is a consortium of universities if within them a leader can be found who had stellar leadership qualities to overcome the politics of university faculty. There is no such person of which I am aware. So we are dead in the water, pending the outcome of the 2020 election and, for many reaons I hold little hope. However, I have listed a series of steps that the UN Security Council could implement were it not contaminated by dictators. Nevertheless, I will list a tentative group of tasks.

1. Appoint an ENGINEER with Dictatorial Powers

2. Create a World Climate Commission

3. Give it the authority to isolate and punish non-conforming countries


1. Shut Down Everything That Burns Coal

2. Create Super Manhattan Projects to:

a. Build Ultra-Safe Nuclear Power Plants by the Thousands

b. Build Super-Effective Air Scrubbers by the Thousands


3. Create a “Coal-Down” Plan for Each Country


“The last time there was this much carbon in the air was millions of years ago.”

“NASA: Imagine there are no people. Imagine a planet where the sea level is about five to 40 meters (16 to 131 feet) higher than normal. Imagine a planet that is hotter and wetter. Imagine, worldwide, it’s roughly 3 to 4 degrees Celsius (5.4 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than today. And the North and South poles are even warmer still – as much as 10 degrees Celsius (18 degrees Fahrenheit) hotter than today. Welcome to the Pliocene. That was the Earth about three to five million years ago, very different to the Earth we inhabit now. But in at least one respect it was rather similar. This is the last time that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels were as high as they are today.”

(Note: This was written when carbon dioxide was 400 ppm, it is now 412 ppm; 200 years ago it was about 270 ppm. I believe we are on track to reach at least 500 ppm).

The present situation: In the illustration below-left:

1. We are just below the top track (in other words nothing has changed very much).

2. We have committed to the middle orange track. (An MIT climate professor described over 2°C as ”horrible.”) The diagram, below, right shows how various countries are doing. The images in the slide shows are all from when the temperature was 1°C or less.

3. If CO2 stays much above historical levels, the atmosphere will continue to warm indefinitely even if we reduce emissions to zero.

4. Therefore, there is no choice but the Green Track with a target of around 350 ppm.

5. Achieving 350 ppm (as Bill McKibben desired when he founded 350.org) will require immediate and revolutionary climate action in most of the countries of the earth.

6. To accomplish this will require emission free power and removing the carbon we have added to the air.

7. The costs will be in the trillions of dollars and must from the wealthy nations.

With present attitudes that is impossible.(Bill Gates is already crying about his taxes being increased. The bottom line: it is bad now, but far worse is yet to come.

Perhaps we should start weeping now for our grandchildren.

Or perhaps we should start crying for revolutions.

I suspect that we have far more than enough to collapse our civilization than Rome, Greece, and the Ottoman Empire had to cause the collapse of their’s.

Maybe a little fantasizing would help. In my mind I wrote a speech that I would give in front of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Yale and Cambridge. Why I want to protext my earth. Here goes:

The story of climate always gets done backwards, or in some direction that really doesn’t feel like much.

Some time ago I was trying to tell the story of the universe, you know, the big bang, and the 10 billion years or so that followed, because I had a feeling that this whole thing was planned, though I don’t know by who. Many say god, but saying that is just naming a cause not telling me what’s behind it. Then I start thinking usually about two things at the same time. You can do it if you work at it. One is that this big bang just happened. Nobody knows why but it started as the smallest thing that can exist, far smaller than an atom or even a proton. Then it went off. There are no words/It started from zero space and time and 11 billion years later we got....us. I suggest you meditate on that for 5 minutes a day every day. I tell you some places to look for ideas. One of my favorites is Jim Holt's Ted talk: why is there something rather than nothing. You can trace step by step though all those years, the scientists have done an incredible job. Do you get it that we were born out of that almost zero size thing and now have a trillion trillion stars. No you can't get your arms about it, at least I can't and if you say you caan I will say your not thinking hard enough, because the harding you think the more absolutely beyond belief the whole thing gets. Until eventually you get stars with planets. aned there are a lot of them, but I really wonder how many of them are what we need. I did a little calclation. Some scientists gave a list of 7 things that must be there to make an earth we could live on (actually be created on) and it comes out 1 in a trillion and I think there are a lot more things. Then someone else did it for evolution and got about the same number and you end up with about 1 in the number of stars there are. Well some people disagree with that but I think earths are few and far between. S So I try to figure out all that this means, Evolution dumps us here and most of us don't spend two seconds figuring out what it is that we are and that what it is came from the earth, just like it is, rain snow, sun hurricanes, dirt oceans. They are all necessary and then go this idea of reverse engineering where if you can't firgure out how some thing is made you try to figure out first what you got and then work baack wards. You know where I end up Takjubg to my son or my wife over breakfast and marveling what goes on between us. But (sorry susan) where I think I love the most is sitting at my piano. Its about 100 years old, weighs a half ton, and then I talk to Chopin. I hear myself an I hear Chopin. And I remember a line on UTube of a comment about a particularly great pianist playing Chopins Ballard No. 1 and the comment was, if something wants to know the meaning of life he shoul d listen to Zimerman playing the baallad No1 y guess is that I have played Chopin;s Scherzo No. 2 at least 10,000 times. No kidding and I play it almosst every day, and in 3 seconds it cures my depression and somehow me and a crew of helpers, teachers, and a room fuoll of artisands who made this instrumment where eacch note has 22 partsl and I hear.....Chopin. I learned it for my junior year recital in high school. I am not within site of the ball park of Zimerman, but I as far as I am concerned I am in touch with Chpin and the universe, because it took the universe and stars and the earth and evooution to get me to this place. And form two little tiny images on my retinas my brain assemblees a c omplete 3d color movie of my world, the music and the keys annd dmy two ears do the same for the sound, and if you have never done it you should try. Take a lesson. On a really good piano. Or come on over and play mine. And I think how in bloody hell did we get from that think tinier than a proton to this sound in this room trhRT I can make and hear, and everysingle damn part of me, my brain and the piano and chopin was created from parts of the earth and we are killing it. Not to mention fighting with each other and killing eah other. This is why I cry when I listen to an oil co guy say he is going to burn his whole reserve ane doesn/t give a damn. And if he does and it keeps going the way it is going there will be no more playing a hearing Chopin and we will havee destroyed what the universe gave us. And then I caan't talk to Susan over breakfasst and say I wasn't so bad this moring and we start talking about whatever and often its music and we tune in and llisten to zimerman and bernstein in the greatest concert hall and orcchestra in the world in vienna play a piano concero by beethen and ther are a 1000 musicians and their teacchers and their instruments maies and tand two geniuses in front and I thini I have gne to heaven. Somewhow making moneh took over the world, or imaginagin we must belong to a tribe that is chosen by god and we have to kill and start wars and splatter brains. And I think of how this mellon sizee brain haent learned yet what it is like to hear and see what the whoe brain working together with hunndres of others caan do and your mind creaates an experience in your head of the whoe k thiuni and we don't have a ckue how or why for that matter. No Actually if you experience itk you wil know why. 'And then maybe you will join the firght ti hold onto the earth and even spend a few trillion to take the atmosphere to the laundry and get out all the extra we have put there so we save everything we can and restory as much of the rest as we can becuase,, you know what it is a miricle that we were given and we are killing the miracle. Couldyou think of anything sadder.in the wrld

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