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Man vs. Man vs. The Creation vs. Money

Where Is the Tipping Point? Where Is The Tripping Point?

I just learned of an extraordinary discussion between
Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert. This is the link.

Man vs. Man vs. The Creation vs. Money

Where Is the Tipping Point? Where Is The Tripping Point?

I just learned of an extraordinary discussion between
Anderson Cooper and Stephen Colbert. This is the link.

To me this presents a puzzlement and the puzzlement is closely tied to ideology, particularly the conservative one of small government and low taxes. This is just the sort of perspective that drives me, of soldering iron education, nuts because there is nothing to be measured to verify if this ideology is working. To an engineer/scientists when someone advocates "low" the immediate response is "why not zero?" One can play with scenerios inlcuding doing away with the entire government (and of course the IRS) and, never having had this discussion, I presume that some kind of minimum is established but by whom and to what criteria which leads to some suspicion of something rotten, because the government makers become the deciders and the criteria is as low as can be done without creating an uprising and therefore the idea of "happiness" is left to float in the breeze because either no one thinks to ask or no one is in a position to ask. It has a parallel to the physicists and their four forces. In all my readings in physics, the birth of the cosmos, relativity and even quantum mechanics (got an A in that BTW) is there any reference to emotions, satisfaction, enjoyment or some measure, even qualitatively and so leaving the issues of why the big bang, the meaning of being alive, the idea of joy or enjoyment and all the things we are ostenibly working for replaced by shareholder equitity or an equivalent. And therefore, as is happening at this moment, the movement of wealth into Apple's coffers to the tune of 200 billion dollars or so just fine. Buy back some stock, raise the share price capioliinf on invention that can command a rather large profit profit, the question left hanging in the breeze is why some of the purchasers cannot afford health care, or posibly even a place to live. And a still less moral (ah! the first mention of a capitalistic no-no word) situation is the Walton family with I believe 125 billion in assets, low wages, no health care (hold the hours to 39), one million dollars per store in food stamps out of our taxpayer profits.

The bottom line: 1. The system is faulty, immoral and unfair; 2. Someone has failed to define a quantifiable "happiness" as a requisite part of the system, so as long as the rich can own congress (which they do), the the rest of us get screwed (should have posted a language warning sign).

So now where are we, now that we have begun to be particuar about happiness, someone is undoubtly screeming socialism, communism, redistribution of wealth, and so forth. And I begin thinking about about a word that will seem odd, one my mentor, friend, and boss, Amar Bose used to use often and will seem a bit odd (but maybe not). When we were designing loudspeakers he would insist what we had to do was concern ourselves with the "complete system," not just the speakers.

Well I am going to carry this quirky idea as far as I can (within the world of music). We need to take ito account not just the music system, but the room acoustics, the quality of the recording, and quality of the concert hall, orchestra, conductor, players, composer, instrument makers, teachers of composer, players, conductor and instrument makers and, last but not least, the ears and mind of the listener. And I choose music for a reason (partly because I am somewhat of one), but that music, when all these piecess are of the best and, to complete the evening as friends in the BSO would say to me "we were hot tonight" that the stockholder equity has been replaced by an impossible to describe and measure except in poetic language, a gift to the soul. And I am insisting that, laying my life down if necessary, that any economic, scientific, socialistic, capitalistic or any other kind of system or process or whatever, whose ultimate goal is not joy and satisfaction for the soul, is worthless. Which leaves us with one of the larger conundrumns in recorded history. How do we work toward this (assuming you all agree its a good idea which I doubt because I know that only a tiny percentage of the population has had the muscial experiences that I have been lucky enough to have. But if we, for the sake of argument, agree it is a good idea, what do we have to do.

It brings back a thought I used to have as a child: that when a child comes out of the womb, its the same day for every child, or, to close the circle, the same climate in which to breath and live freely for everyone. Bullshit of this being born into whatever, I want (why, nevermind, I just want it) every child to have what every other child has that will enable her or him to realize the potential of the spectacular mind the creation game him or her. Because, if there is a responsibility to humanity, where each of us inherited more or less the same genes, and we are born helpless, that it is the sacred, for want of a better word, responsibility of the human socity to provide this climate. How? To start, great schools and health care, and beyond that it is something we must assume we are smart enough to learn how to do without pissing off Milton Freedman and providing we and Donald Trump has not put any descent kind of climate out of our reach.

Parental Income Has Outsized Influence on Children’s Economic Future: Study Shows Persistence of Advantage More Pronounced Among Higher-Income Families; July 23, 2015, PEW CHARITABLE TRUST Topics: Economic Mobility Projects: Financial Security and Mobility

We should be building ultra-safe prefab nuclear power plants
that can also power desalinization plants.

Many places are out of water
while the American mid-west has had its worst flooding ever
and California is bracing for record setting wild fires.

Why are we not on a war footing, with
Manhatten projects and a strong
World Climate Authority?

Instead we are embarassing ourselves to history by
trembling before a pitiful, inept, lying, incompetant,
manipulating, dented, bent, broken and out of tune trumpet.

Many say they do not believe in science.

Science is not a thing apart from the world.
It is simply knowledge of the world, carefully verified.

Failure to think scientifically is to
sacrifice one's brain on the alter of timidiy and stuipidity.

Without science, we will lose the Earth our children,
and our descents nie onto the 20th generation.
Without Clear Thinking, We Will Lose Everything.

Let Us Pray.

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