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We're Looking Forward....

To Killing Each Other's Grandchildren

Without Knowing Who They are

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These maps show what is happening to the earth's temperature.
That's the oven on the right, in case you were wondering.

It feels to me like a magician is playing with the planet, and the devil with the planet's leaders.

I studied engineering and physics at MIT for 8 years. This was rigorous work. MIT has been rated the best university in the world and the best engineering school for 37 years by US News. It is a struggle to be admitted and a struggle to do well. I was elected to all three honorary societies: engineering, electrical engineering and science and have two graduate degrees.

This resume is to indicate I understand science well, but it doesn't indicate an attitude I carry.

Good engineers prepare for the worst case and are always wary of surprises. The climate has been full of them and all have been bad.

I fear that the giant committees that create ther UN summaries of the state of the climate do something unconscionable for the Earth: they act as sandpaper and all the rough edges and unlikely but catastrophic risks get sanded off to get agreement.

There are two other problems in dealing with climate change. It is an amorphous phenomenon. It is made up of thousands of parts and many of these parts have behavior that is not predictable. This is very hard to see and to appreciate the implications.

The second problem is that the worst case destroys our most precious possession, the planet on which we live. Except that's not the problem; a fraction of the worst case will find people cooked as if they had been in an oven.

I have been baffled time and again why predictions of catastrophe get so little press coverage: The New York Times likes the bottom of page 13.

Most of all we need to declare WW III on the climate ewand virtually none of the actions they deserve, which is something like the marshaling of the country's resources in World War II. If the temperature is even a little higher than predicted we will eventually end up with a small population living north of the Arctic circle and all coastal cities under water with over 100 feet of sea level rise.

To an engineer this worst case senerio requires an all out preventive war now. There is no hope that this will happen.

In the climate, as the sun warms the atmosphere, the atmosphere collects carbon dioxide from the sunlight which traps the suns heat and that heat melts the tundra that emits fuel to burn and to trap more of the suns heat.

On top of all this, there are enemies within. At this moment big oil is distorting facts and pushing as hard as it can to burn as much as possible. It is 4 am as I write this and I haven't had a good night's sleep in months.

The only hope is a wholesale change in administration in 2020. The administration we have is, in my opinion not only one of zero competance and morals, but it encouraged and aided Russia in medeling. It is illegal and should be dismissed.

And last I have yet to meet more than 2 or 3 people that "get it," that understand what is happening, and feel the fear of a dying Earth.

They also know what happens to a child who dies from the heat. And they have grandchildren.

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