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4. my story of learning of global warming.

When I first read about global warming about fifteen years ago I was bowled over. Part of the story was the possibility of positive feedback from methane released by melting of the tundra and if that was representative, the earth was finished. Seven years at MIT gave me more than enough science to know this was serious trouble. I could not believe it, and fell into a depression for two years.

I knew the sun had a life expectancy of five billion years and so the earth should be safe for at least a billion. In high school I had wondred about sufficient oxygen but the combination of plant life seemed to be working.

Engineers are not accustomed to sit around and watch things go to hell and I had a modest feeling for high energy electronics. When I became the fifth employee of my mentor’s company, Bose Corporation, on my first day in October 1967 they handed me my very own NASA contract to build DC to AC power inverters for moon buggies or trains.

Somehow, even at the micro scale of my prototype of 10,000 watts the familiarity of overheating, melting and even burning electronic components put the fear into me about energy management systems, of which the earth’s climate is one.

Now fifty years later, holy molley, who has been watching the store. I was reading everything I could find on the web and got the feeling that I absolutely had to do something.

But I wasn’t a youngster and had had my fill of travel, so whatever I did would be from my desk. So I registered several domain names, one of which is caringfortheearth.com which is the URL of this site.

In the meantime I was finishing a web site for my landscape photography (wawrzonek.com). Once that was good enough to leave alone, I started on this site using the same platform as my photo site. It was flexible and I thought I could do what I needed and that proved to be the case.

But there was news every day and a new idea or 3 or 4 so two years later I am still working on it. But now I know what I want to say and who I am talking to and have some notion of how to say it.

The problem is that the future looks simply terrifying. I do not believe that MIT can get China, Russia, India, Europe and the United States to do what needs to be done.

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