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The Truth About Truth

The concept of truth has been destroyed. As a result people are dying and life is brought to a halt.

Something either happens or it doesn’t. But getting to the full truth of what has happened can be difficult. I want to stick to the simple yes or no version.

Many children have died because of the vaccine scare. But let’s take the case of a simple conversation. Being a good engineer a first thought might be two people talking about different subjects in different languages. Or perhaps a room full of people doing the same thing. Life has stopped. Nothing is going on between people. No exchange so no one can pass any kind of information.

Let’s try another. Same language, same subject say about people and how they relate, but one person works a clerical job and has friends with similar jobs and the other person has a PhD in psychology and is accustomed to speaker to his “own kind.” Well you know where I am going. Or manybe not.

The whole issue here would be whether the two people, for what ever reason, want to get to know each other and arre willing to put out some effort.

I have a standardized approach with friends that I haven’t seen for a while. A string of questions, nothing heavy about what is happening in my friends life. It‘s a string because I don’t want to box my friend in. He or she can speak whatever is on his/her mind. I want to declare openess. The same can work with any one. Poke and listen but listen carefully and be sure that your tone of voice and body language are for real.

Now the hard part. Some one gives hands you a supposed fact. I remember the first time I heard the second President Bush interviewed by a reporter. The question was whether the President was certain all 150 people in Texas that were on death row were guilty. President Bush simply said yes and the reporter did not ask more questions, such as did he have a trusted attorney review all the cases thoroughly. And perhaps since lives were on the line, did he have the attorney speak to the prosecuters. ”Yeh. We’ve done all that.”

For me the test would be details of the proceess, who the attorneys were, their qualifications, how much time they spent and the certainty President Bush conveyed. A good confirmation would be find a number of questionable cases (because for the large number, being sure of everyone would be a big task, so you would expect some number of cases that should be looked into.

The point is every statement what is a surprise needs probing. One of the worst examples was President Trump and the birther issue. “I've been hearing things.” This does not pass any test. O.K. from whom. What information? Where did it come from? This is serious business and the only proper answer is if the question has been raised is to seek proof. The worst for me is ”I just know, I just know.” It holds no water.

But the bottom line is, you know that much of what is said is not true and do you just want to join the crowd, or do you want to be a seeker and stand in a place where you can have a converssation in the same language and with trust because everything has been verified. The problem is people are in a sense having fun. “You know I‘ll bet that canidate has stock in that company. Out of the blue because it would be enjoyable if it were true. Except it can cause harm. So pick your ethics and pick your lefe. A life of lies goes nowhere. That is why scientists are so picky. Read the sectionson science and get an idea of what truth really is. And if you want satisfaction and joy, imageine what the scientists felt when the detectors in two corners of the country agreed. After 50 years of work. That is what life should be like.

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