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Never in my lifetime have I felt the dark side of humanity as I do now.

I do know the research done on the genetics of various groups of people and I know have the attitude of an inividual or group may change dramatically. So I do not attribute our turmoil to an individuals lack of humanity, but rather to the circumstances of their lives. There are so many influences that are personal experience and so many others that are contributed by society as a whole. At this time the society, the political climate, the instant communication and, I believe, the failure of the media and education to deal with these issues are powerful. In addition, there are so many diffencies in upbringing: abuse, single parents, schools, and the local social environment can create major problems.

However, what concerns me the most is the failure for a humane, satisfying society.

Somehow we have drifted in the direction of not being responsible for each other. The drift toward the right, toward conservatism is not articulated in a way that makes sense. Lower taxes and smaller goverment serve mainly the "haves" who need little of what bigger governments and higher taxes can provide. But in the absence of caring of some kind and also of the development of talents and interests, I believe there is a formidable drive for imagination to go to work.

A few days ago my nephew's son was visiting and asked me if I believed in aliens or in the validity of "area 59." I was surprised but I think convened that these were utter nonsense, but are an example of what can occupy thoughts and emotions when there is nothing else of power an quality to do so. And that reality was not taught as a subject in school.

Science is not a part of humanity's thinking day to day thinking. For the 15 or so years that I have followed and studied climate change, The New York TimesS appeared not to cover the topic unless one new where to look. It seems inconcievable that with top scientists forecasting potentially cataclismical outcomes, that this would not merit regular and prominant attention. My own impression was that while people on the staff comprehended what was happening, the editorss, ivy league educations and all simply did not "get it." Understably, for it is a group of difficult concepts, but when the very existance of humanity on this earth is legitimatel hy in questionj

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