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5. Interrupting the Fall

Science and Knowledge

Science is not understood by the great majority of Americans. It is considered as something apart, as if it were a religion we could choose to believe in or not.

There is not an understanding that science is just a truthful describer of life, that scientists simply want to know how the world works. However, the teaching of what has been learned is hopelessly inadequate. That is the only posible explanation for allowing the earth to reach this precarious ccondition.

Science begins with the Big Bang and takes us to sentenice of the human mind at this very instant. But science, despite incredible successes, is not able to answer the fundamental questions that religion so blithly answers: Why are we here? What happens when we die? that religion answers in an almost off-hand way. Oh, that is the work of God, which of course answers nothing for God just the name for an answer.

This leaves us in a supremely difficult position.

To know who we are we need something of a grasp of the entire universe. We need the knowledge of the wonder of the big bang and the evolution of the universe. We need a basic understand of the evolution of mankind. We need a basic understand of why sentience is the cornerstone of life.

I contend that almost no one on this planet comprehends this and that is coming back to fatefully bite us. We are ending up with a dying earth, a destruction of American Democracy, a partition of the earth's population into those that are acceptable (arayan whites) and the rest. Of governments of, by and for the rich. Of destroyed elections that mqy very well finish off American Demoracy, of a President who is utterly unaware of most of what he is doing, but just aware enough to destroy us. We are in a place where are most educated people, PhDs in the humanities and science are missing the insite theother side provides and so have been sitting on their asses as the world goes to hell in a hand basket. Is there a way out? It will require lots of luck.

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This not luck.

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