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A Struggle To Survive

Virtually all nations are failing to meet commitments.

this around: a tiny bit greater than zeros. Global warming is happening faster than the most recent scientific predictions. There is stored in the artic huge quantities of methane that if relased will likely trigger warming with catastrophic consequences. Leaders, media, fuel products all fall to comprehend how serious is the situation

It is a scientific phenomena impossible to grasp. On the earth we experience isolated events, however when taken as a whole we find mega damage and the damage is irreversable. Worse, even if we managed to reduce emissions to zero (and we are still increasing them) the carbon dioxide and other gases will continue to warm the earth for hundreds of years, and the sea level will continue to rise. Since there is no sign of serious changes in our behavoir (China, India and America are the worst culprits) it is impossible to predict how difficult the future might be. An MIT scientist describes anything over 2°C as “horrible.”

On November 26, 2019 CE there was released a UN UPDATE, the latest report on how we are doing. Like previous reports, ominous, only more so. Emissions are increasing and every hour that goes by with increasing emissions makes it more urgent to cut them and less likely we will. Our boat is nearing the edge of the waterfall.

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