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II. An Incomparable Peril

A 1°C rise in the temperature of the earth caused the damage shown in the slide show above, and much more. However, what happened is difficult to explain and understand.

The single degree represents enough energy to power the United States for 20,000 years. It warms the atmosphere, the oceans and the land.

But we miss the seriousness of what has happened because we experience one location on the earth. The totally of what has happened is astronomaimical. And it has just begun. The carbon in the air will continue to warm the earth for centuries and cause sea-level rise for millenia. Yet we continue to add green house gasses at an ever increase rate.

There are two diagrams below. Figure 1 represents projections of what will happen depending one how we respond. At present we are in the upper portion, which is as bad as we can do.

Our promiawa in the center range and represent catastrophic outcomes.

What we need to do is the lowest curve and we are utterly unprepared. To do thiss would be a greater effort than fighting World War II.

Componding this is shown in Figure 2, which summed up means that we dont’ have a clue how serious this is.

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