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Science And Philosophy

Or how we figure out the truth about how the world functions.

Science has discovered many truths about humanity, life and how we should treat the earth and each other. Yet few know what it has discovered for our what we teach is behind the times and corropted by religion, preduice, and ingrained falsehoods.

American textbooks are written with the state of Texes having great control, and other states forcing local myths and values into the curriculium distoring forever the evolution of rationality. Southern states, for example, often teach that slavery was beneficial to blacks, all the while imposing unspeakable crulity on blacks. A critical flaw in how we educate is that we do not, or cannot, bring what science has learned into education. As a consequence evolution, the development of races, and the functioning of the world around us are invisible. One critical casuality is climate change. It is more fundamental than religion since it is based on science and the human mind. Racism, in particular, takes on a whole different aspect, providing we have the character and course to use it.

I suspect that many will not believe this but genetics and archeology have discovered the fundamental development of races.

First and foremost, we are all Africans having migrated in various relatively small groups from central Africa some 50 to 100 thousand years ago.

Our skin color is primarily determined where our ancestors settled and the sun’s role in creating vitamin D. If the sun is intense, such as at the equator, the skin must be protected with the pigment melanin. However, as the warm season shortens with moves north and the sun is lower in the sky over time the skin lightens. Such is white supremacy.

However, through mutation and other adaptations to the environment, homo sapiens may take on other differences in appearance.

We are left with tribes fearing each other, adopting differenet religions and other patterns of behavior that have never left us. America started two devastating wars in the 20th century that can only be explained by tribalism from the time of hunter gatherers.

The preoccupation with tribal rivalry is the baine of human relations.

I choose to operate under the assumption that as the light of sentience, consciousness, and intelligence develop, a more human civilation will evolve, providing we have not rendered the planet uninhabitable.

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