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How Did We Get Here

1. How did we get here: Human screw up: Greed; greed is life in the wrong lane; creativity is live in the right lane. 2. How did we get here: THE COSMOS GAVE US THE EARTH. 3. What is living: grabb ing; creating; helping others create (reciprocity) The various creations. Being alive: consciousness, intelligence, experiencing, sharing (reciprocity) Physics is 4 fources; theory of everything missing everying about the experience and results of being alive. So need 5th force. Above the blue line lacks my experiences of how I go here.

The cosmos gave birth to the universe. The universe gave birth to the earth. The earth gave birth to humanity. A question rarely asked is "Why?"

What follows attempts to deal with that question. But to answer why we must first answer what, that is what did the earth give birth to that we call humanity.

It think it is something that we think we know everything about, but that it is possible we know very little about, at least in a conscious expressable sense. And what we know varies enormously between cultures, nations, and individuals. Perhaps I have been the only one who doesn’t know, but there have been a few surprises for me in thinking about this in the course of trying to save the earth.

Humanity is clearly a mixed bag. It I try to think of the best and the not-best there are too many examples for it to make sense to name more than one of each. For my spirit at this moment , Sunday November 10, 2019 the not-best that is most on my mind is, of course, our president. There are a very large number of bests I could choose, but being an artist I will choose some musicians and some visual artists. If one could say, why did the earth go though all this trouble I will answer with that I think it is that humans do that is so amazing and the give examples. The criteria for examples is that the artist(s) use capabilities that it has taken a significant part of their lives to learn so I know a major part of their faculities are used, and that the work is beautiful and I will leave beautiful undefined except the examples I choose will fit that description. And oddly enough at least one example will be a scientist.

I think I am answering the question of why get so worked up about destroying the earth, is that I treasure what the earth has created and what that creation has created. It is the opposite end of the Grand Singularity. Or, in other words, the humanity that the earth created appears to be trying to kill it (or at least is not aware or refuses to be aware). And this strikes me as sufficiently dumb that I have spent two years thinking about it.

Scientists, as far as I can tell don’t talk about it.

Part III ~ Existence

I-Human Science 1.01

The Creation of Humanity

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