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4. How bad is it?

The images in the slide show (below) will give you a rough idea.

Climate change doesn’t cause much directly. It does cause the see to rise (water expands]])

It is getting worse by the day, because people make too much money selling oil, gas and coal.

They don’t want to stop. So what do we do?

If you think these pictures are bad, you will not want to think about what your grand kids will have to live with.

These graphs tell a story and it is one of little progress and great uncertainty.

The various graphs shows the concentration of greenhouse gasses has grown over time.

At the Paris conference it was agreed that it was necessary to keep the earth’s temperature under 1.5°C if at all possible and as much under 2°C as could be done.

If you study the graph on the right it will tell you in rough terms the whole story. The 2°C and 1.5°C range is were we should be. Where we are is at the top lines. No significant improvement. The reasons are;

1. Oil companies are pushing to sell as much as they can; 2. Donald Trump has torn apart US policy and influence; 3. Climate change is for most national leaders events that happen far awaw, last a few days and they forget about them; 4. There is no leadership, a World Climate Authority with money, expertise, plans and enforcement power.

An MIT scientist described anthing over 2°C as horrible. My best guess is 3-4°C. But I'm an optomist.

5. A Singular Example: Hurricane Harvey

I have chosen the following as an example because it set records for all of history. This has happend much more often since the earth’s temperature has risen.

“Total rainfall hit 60.5 inches in Nederland, Texas, a record for a single storm in the continental United States that created an unprecedented 1,000-year flood event. Nothing of that size has happened within modern recorded history.”

The warmer water made Harvey into an all-time record storm. They even retired the name. So one degree is a big deal, and there are many more examples.

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