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The Sence, Sences and Sensibility of Sentience

Sentience is almost a synnomim for being alive, althoug it is not essential, as those with impared or non functioning senses will tell you. However, for most of us it is how we connect to the world.

However, it must work in conjunction with consciousness and intelligence. The next part is its development. What one respons to is enormously a function of experience. Now: there are entire schools and schools of though devoted to this and I do not want to pretend I am offering any teaching function. I simply want those who read this to be on the lookout (so to speak).

For most of us, we will not enjoy Beethoven or Chopin without prolonged esposure preferably starting young. A simple example: in my teens I was listening to the music of many different composers. One was Stravinsky. I loved his work except for the The Rite of Spring. Too dissonant. After all it did cause a near riot when it was premiered. But I would listen to it from time to time. Then suddenly one day something happened and I felt like I needed dissonance. I played it again and loved it.

Each composer has one or more languages he or she us will use for different compositions. However, I am not a music teacher, I simply want to make a couple of points: It is a mystery to me why evolution gave us such ability to compose, perform and emjoy such complex creations. So, some examples. One the virtuoso pianist Lang Lang playing an encore. You can tell from the audiences reaction that he has thrilled them and they want more. So he gives them Chopin’s most famous composition, the A-flat polonaise, opus 53. Click HERE turn up the volume (I hope you have good Bose speakers for your computer), go full screen and listen and look.

Then, skip the commercial and watch another Chopin piece played by Lang Lang: the Etude 'number3 op 10.

I have heard this piece played often, but almost at the first note I started crying which I never do, except one other time and that was when I first heard Lang Lang play the Polonaise.

The polonaise is very familiar to me. I played it in high school for my sophmore year recital. I would guess I have played it 10,000 times since then and still play it often. My playing is vastly inferior to Lang Lang’s but the music has a hold on me.

I did not intend to devote this section to Lang Lang and Chopin. There is an infinity of music of all kinds, but for me there is something very special here. Three things: Chopin’s composing skill; Lang Lang’s stunning talent; and the extraordinary instruent that Steinway built. I know pianos: I spent 15 years looking for mine.

So what is the point here?

It is that when reciprocity, intelligence are combined we use a much greator part of our minds and reeach an inexplicable of beauty. And that is why the big bang hppenedkj

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