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The UN says we have 12 years to avoid catastrophe.

I am not sure how to phrase this. I began working on this website in January 2018, And what I am reading is describing certain catastrophe.

The world has just over a decade to get climate change under control,
U.N. scientists say, then add this...

“There is no documented historic precedent"

for the scale of changes required...

In other words, what the US did after Pearl Harbor is small potatoes comared to what has to be done now. Manhatten Projects? Four to six of them.


The world has thirteen (13) trillian dollars in discretionary spending funds.


The amount of construction and technical manpower available.

Principal obstacle: DONALD TRUMP. As things stand now, he will go down in history as the man who destroyed the planet.

At this moment progress toward the Paris targets is, for all practical purposes, zero. Sure, countries like India are building monster solar facilities, but all they will do is accommodate new growth, not reduce emissions.

Here is a simple picture. See the green and yellow arrows, that's disaster. Do you know what pledges mean. Zilch. THERE IS NO ENFORCEMENT.

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