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The Coming Climate

To be swept away in the heat of the night.
To be drowned in dry air when the water is gone.

You will wish you were elsewhere.

The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive ever recorded in California,


Even the most cautionary revelations could not make us sacrifice time, comfort, or tribe to save out planet.

Our perspctive is not vanquished by a leafy education that fails the most fundamental rule of life, that what we know is zero compared to the infinity yet to be learned.

I am not aware of an answer. Perhaps it was hidden in the Singularity but we were too distracted to find it. Perhaps it was the bad luck that the key was burried in a paupers grave. Perhaps it was the luck of the draw. Almost certainly it included the cardinal sin that color, religion, or biology might make us superior or inferior.

One thing is clear, we each choose for reasons not known, to not be students of reciprocity, creators of a new vision but rather have clung to the darkness of our safe deposit boxes.

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The World-Wide Measure of Fire Alerts Year to Date (2019 08 01) 2,511,382

When I first read about global warming 15 years ago, my first thought was "we're screwed." Why? Here are the reasons.

At MIT where I studied engineering (for 7 years) the term we used for this is "Thermal Runaway." It means that heat creates the conditions for more heat the next time around, and even more the next time. It is called positive feedback and it is something you don't want to have to deal with.

So think about how hot it was 3 summers ago, 2 summars ago, last summer.
What will it be like next summmer or the next or the next. Eventually, death in a crock pot.

There is only one question: where did we put our bifocals.

There is a curse to being a good engineer, one saturated with paranoia, expecting the worst. Sometimes it help. More often it just helps you not sleep, especially in a world such as we have.

One more thing: how can those in power be so ignorant of so much that was written on their blackboards decades ago, go on belching more smoke today. Human nature I guess.

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