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The following is a direct quote from the abstract of an article in the European Journal of American Studies, Spring 2014.

“While emphasising this dimension of the US climate denial movement, this article also aims to show the complexity of the movement, rather than the mere defence of the narrowly-defined and short-term economic interests of the oil and gas industries, by shedding light on two additional factors which have been instrumental in blocking strong climate action. First, climate denial stems from the strong ideological commitment of small-government conservatives and libertarians to laisser-faire and their strong opposition to regulation. Second, in order to disarm their opponents, US climate deniers often rest their case on the defence of the American way of life, defined by high consumption and ever-expanding material prosperity.”

There are times when the logic of an arguement reveals more about the person making the argument than they would like revealed.

If climate change were ravaging the deniers home, perhaps with wildfire or 40” of rain, would the person be making the same argument. It strikes me that in this situation the denier simply will not allow the climate person the privilidge of being right. I am liberal and wish desperately that climate change were not real. However, to say that the government should stay out of the business of protecting the planet and its people is beyond ridiculous. The same goes with connecting it to our way of life.

It is quite possible that the planet will become somewhat to completely uninhabitable. I presume the deniers then have a one-way ticket to the nearest inhabitable planet.

Ideologies are often deceptive and I am amazed how easily people are fooled. Small government and low taxes guantees two things: limited surpport for quality of life for those not rich along with a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. The low taxes attracts those that think government is intruding upon their lives. However surveys show that when the low tax idea is reduced to giving up specific benefits, the answers reverse.

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