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A Changed Climate

The climate, oddly enough, has a kind of reciepe, especially the part we call "air." A breeze is what happens when air moves slowly, perhap 5 to 10 ten miles per hour. A storm is when it moves more rapidly, say 50 miles per hour. But 50 is hardly the limit. Hurricanes are over 100 and tornadoes can be 200 and more. Storms can cause horrible damage and the warming of the air is making the storms worse, for two reasons. The warm air holds more moisture and more moisture makes storms stronger. So there are two major consequences of warer air: more rain and stronger storms. Then, on top of this, in the days of fewer storms, towns were built near rives in what we call the "flood plain." The flood plain is the land near a river that is most easily flooded. This is so significant I am going to include a number of pictures and some stories.

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I have found out that when there is a big tough question, that I had better know where we are hedding. And I mean really heading. Now this is going to sound like a big much, but if I want to doing something in American that is going to change it for the better, I had better be prepared to answer ANY question about America. Cus answering one tought one is likely going to affect everyone and everything.

And so Pandora, here I come. Unlock your box.

Helping with the climate? Fair share? Justice? And, by the way, the Walton family is worth $127 billion dollars, and their employees don't get health care and need to get food stamp.

Party was financed by the poor and middle class becaause the rich don't pay anywhere near their fair share of taxes, if they pay taxes at all. And it is the low income people who built the roads the right drove to get to their yachts.

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Who are the people on these floating palaces. The owners of oil companies. Not likely because I can find pictures of them. But its the right ball park. And how are we going to reduce emissions when every damn Republician is happy to vote for low taxes. And against Obamacare. What the bloody hell is going on here? Doesn't anbody body try on anyone else's shoes. Ever put yourself working in a Walmart with no health care. And President Trump cuts the taxes even more, and plans to spend two trillian on infrastructure. Low emissions is infrastructure. Progress is our least important product. Killing health care for the poor and so killing the poor, a drop in the bucket is priority.

And that isnt't the end Tennessee an 14 other states turne down free health care for the poor. I am going after the rats who ate their brains. And keep me awake at night.

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My first thought is that America is split at least in half. Democrats don't"conference" with Republicians and god only knows how many tribes, religions, idiologies exist in isolated corners of the ring and there is no one to ring the bell, or referree, of more important to arrange the gatherins.

But there is a fundamental division, so fundamental that I (at least) had not thought about it before.

The big oil companies knew 40 years ago that what they were doing would eventually destroy the planet. It came from outside research, but it also, ironically came from their own research. But as soon as they realized what their own research was telling them, they stopped it and put the results into hiding. And now, to me the most infuriating question of all of human history: Why are you pumpting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as fast as you can when you know it will kill the earth. You can go to the page on this website that deals with this and get a pretty good picture. Or you can go to the page that deals with how well we are doing in meeing the goals of the Paris Accord. We are no. And the Greenland ice cap which was not supposed to melt for at least 1000 years is covered with slush. Ane is you have been paying the slightest attention you will know that we will be often having temperature for long parts of the year that we will need to be inisde with air conditioning. Go just a little further and you will find air conditionairs sold on street corners. Except that there will not be enough power to run them.

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