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I have been trying to figure out
how to get this across.

I have no ax to grind. No one is putting me up to this. I get no compenstion whatsoever. My only qualifications are three engineering degrees from MIT, Dr. Amar Bose as a mentor for decades, and a passionate love for this planet, for I am also a fine art landscape photographer. (see wawrzonek.com)

Just to get your attention and to set the tone, this is one of my favorite images. It is simple, not spectucular like the Grand Canyon. However, it is a very popular image. If you click on this image it will take you my photo web site. (Yes, you can buy them their and it would be appreciated since I am occupied with the Earth rather than printing new images. It is known as Reeds, Wind and Blue Water II, Upper Hadlock Pond, Acadia National Park, Maine. October 1991 cat. 4826. The size limit is 44" by 10'. It is printed with ten different ink colors.)

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