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CARBON DIOXIDE, THE PRINCIPLE GREENHOUSE GAS IN THE ATMOSPHERE passed the critical tipping point of 350 ppm in 1988.

IT HAS NOW, IN JUNE 2018, REACHED 410 PPM and is out of control.

AS JIM HANSEN HAS SAID "THE SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN." Jim Hensen was a NASA scientist in 1988 and was the first scientist to testify before congress about global warming. Congress did nothing.

WE EITHER STOP AND REVERSE THE AMOUNT OF CARBON DIOXIDE QUICKLY or we loose the earth as a tolerable place to live, or saddle our children will bills of hundreds of trillions of dollars to try to undo the damage or they possibly end up with no place to live. A few of the problems:

1. Ocean levels are rising due to warmer water expanding and glaciers melting.

2. Coastal flooding is increasing. About 25 US cities are currently experiencing problems.

3. Wildfire seasons are longer and far more damaging.

4. More intense storms cover a larger area and drop more rain (up to 60" in Houston).

5. There will be more frequent, intense and deadly heat waves.

6. Storms will become more intense and will continue increasing in intensity.

7. Droughts will become more severe.

7. There will more disease of humans and forests as temperatures rise.

8. Food supplies will be disrupted due to unpredictable water supply and temperture uncertainty.

9. Unpredictable migrations of human populations will begin due to parts of the world becoming uninhabitable due to higher temperatures, water shortage and shortage of food. The UN estimates that over 26 million people have already begun migrating as a result of the effects of climate change.

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