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RESPONSIBILITY revolves around who is affected and by how much.

The answer here is everyone and a great deal. So it is, or should be, an everybody hop to it situation with responsibility prioritized as: 1. Who has formal or legal responsibility; 2. Who has formal knowledge or training and finally, anyone who can help. There are no excuses for the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.

SO WHAT MUST BE DONE? There should be an urgency throughout the society but we run into a fraility of humans. Perhaps it is fear, laziness, faith that someone else will do it, or even resignation. I don't care; I don't want to be involved. I don't understand it, I don't believe in the whole thing and so I will take my chances. Cop out wins out. Sometimes we get away with this and sometimes not. Many times others don't feel that way and do pick up the ball.

The difference here is two things: once the damage is done, it is in many cases something we cannot recover from. We can't refreeze the North Pole. And even worse, if we don't stop it, it keeps getting worse and we no longer have a place to live. Further, we can't predict the speed with which "worse" might happen so we start now. That is in fact the situation. With one other component: there are emissions and remissions. We can stop putting out greenhouse gasses or we can scrub the air, capture them and stash them somehow.

So then it becomes a race, and since, in a sense, everything is at stake, we get moving as soon as we possibly can and do all that we possibly can. That decision in our society is either the top guy (likely the faux president of the US) or John Wayne or FDR or their descendents. I have no answer to that one so lets get on with what to do.


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