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A POINT IN THE MAKING: The point of the section in Part B titled "The Manhattan Project" is the lack of coordinated, intense and well funded research. Or, for that matter, adequate support for promising projects in the works. Once such is a natural gas power plant that captures its own carbon dioxide without the need of negative emission technology. A 50 MW prototype has been demonstrated and a 300 MW unit is slated for 2020.

However, with the planet itself at stake, and with virtually all prognostications turning out to be optimistic, the operative world should be (perhaps not exactly, but close) "panic."

We can no longer tell what will happen and when and the stakes could not be higher. So programs such as this one should be evaluated and, if they pass muster, supported to the hilt. In my mind this is a race to the finish line although crossing the line could take decades. But the tipping points appear to be critical to avoid entering a runaway, exponential phase of temperature increase. And no one knows how critical this might be. And I am attempting to make clear just what the stakes are and, frankly, instilling a fair shot of panic.
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