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A Website by John J. Wawrzonek


We may not yet have lost the war
but we are loosing the battle—

Our president has turned away from us,
he cares more about nine irons then about
his people, or the people of the Earth

The Earth has begun consuming people
and will eventually consume him, were he here a little longer.

If his "legacy" is written, will there be anyone to read it?
If there is a legacy, it will be the last one.

Donald J. Trump believes the Earth's struggles are a hoax.
Perhaps we are not spelling it correctly.
Perhaps if it were $$HOAX$$ then he would care.

Donald is willing to sacrifice anything to make
billionaires more billionairish,
including the children his party once protected.

Now Donald J. Trump and his party know only how to protect
Donald J. Trump.

May peace be with you through travails to come.
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Wildfire, California, United States

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