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1. NEGATIVE EMISSIONS WILL BE NECESSARY. However although there are numbers of methods and groups involved in developing this capability, most are small and do not seem to comprehend the scale of the problem. Or if they do they propose installing hundreds of thousands of their systems. Clearly additional extensive R&D is necessary.

2. ACHIEVING THIS CAPABILITY in this political environment is impossible. It would require something equivalent to several Manhattan Projects and involve a substantial portion of the industrial and research might of the world to come up with something workable. Politicions, especiallially in the US do not comprehend the urgency and scope of the work.

3. POLITICAL REALITIES IN THE US cannot be predicted. Both parties suffer from fundamental problems and limitations. The world as a whole, including all leaders, does not realize that, barring some earth-shaking political or technical developments, the Earth will become a planet that can accommodate a fraction of its current population or possibly none at all. There is a denial process going on among the "non-deniers" that reflects the hopelessness of the situation and the complexity of the science that makes it incomprehensible to all but a few with the requisite technical background.

4. THE REALITIES OF CLIMATE CHANGE are often subtle and confusing. Temperatue changes of a few degrees appear meaningless and so far only a few parts of the world have experienced major impact and even then there is not an impulse to scream for climate action since no one knows what to ask for.

5. IT IS A TWO TRACK WORLD. Those that hold the money and power (Trump, Pruit and US conservatives as a whole) are oblivious to the seriousness of the situation and are totally corrupt human beings interested only in money and power. The next elections will tell much and may determine the future of the planet.

6. I FEAR THAT THE FINAL OUTCOME will spell failure for the human race. It is tempting to say that had Donald Trump been not elected president this would or might not be true. I think that is wrong.

7. THERE IS TOO MUCH EVIDENCE that the mindset of power in America has shifted in a fundamental way (see especially Time Magazine, May 28th issue, "How My Generation Broke America" by Steven Brill; see link below) from at least a partly community based attitude to a meritocracy based economic society. The graph below makes this clear. The insane tax system in the United States that rewards billionaires by taking tiny sums of money from the poor and passing them to the already ridiculously rich is a failure of humanity and the American democracy.

8. IT THEREFORE PUTS THE FATE of the world in the same selfish hands that have shaped democracy and the American economy for the last 40 years. I cannot imagine the Koch Brothers, Wall Street, Hedge Funds, Tax Attorneys all joining together (because we would need all their power and funds) to save the world. They haven't paid attention so far, and I don't expect them to transform themselves.

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