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HUMAN NATURE AND TECHNOLOGY are in a race that will determine the future of mankind. Except it is not a real race. Mankind has no wheels and technology went supersonic a long time ago. As a race we are still mostly hunter-gatherers. The hunters play war games, except with guns and real bullets and with nukes as back up. The gatherers have turned into hoarders. They fund the worker bees and live off the largesse. The Earth gives and altough many individuals care about it they are not organized well enough to have the necessary influence. The heads of big oil know the score but don't have the character or courage to pull the plug.

IT IS LIKELY THAT A FEW HAVE AWAKENED TOO LATE. There is an energy supply problem and a climate warming problem. If there is a solution it would require building nuclear energy sources as fast as posssible to power almost everything but especially negative emission devices. But education has been off the mark for a long time and it has been insufficient to create the connection between human life and Earth life. So we build 30 million dollar private ships and underfund schools, not to mention that school content is in the hands of the wrong people.

FOR ALL INTENTS AND PURPOSES this is a plunge over a cliff and mankind is trying to figure out how to design a parachute while falling and teaching the world how to use one. Oil is running out. Climate change has a rapid and tragic effect but no one really knows how fast either process is going. Whoever or whatever created evolution has blown it.

IF I HAD TO GUESS there will be a gradual, but accelerating transition into a crunch time, where population, food supply, energy supply and global warming will all be taking their toll. War, migrations, involuntary population decline and untold suffering will finally get through to us as we watch billions die while we figure out that the planet can support a billion or fewer people. Or possibly none at all.

IT IS HAPPENING.A recent New York Times article gave an estimate of 26 million refugees from climate change. Here is part of the text and the link: "The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees estimates that since 2008, 22.5 million people have been displaced by climate-related or extreme weather events. This includes tragedies like the widespread famine in Darfur, monsoons and flooding in Bangladesh and the catastrophic hurricane in Puerto Rico. The more out of whack our climate becomes, the more people up and leave their homes. As our world heats up and sea levels rise, the problem of forced migration around the world is projected to become far worse. And in refusing to take climate change or responsibility for our planet seriously, the Trump administration is encouraging the conditions that will increase unauthorized migrations to the United States and elsewhere."
link to refugee story

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