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The Beginning of The Beginning

ONCE LONG AGO there was no time or space.

BUT IN AN INSTANT there appeared a Singularity that was the seed from which the universe and everything in it was made including all the stars and galaxies.

AND AFTER BILLIONS OF YEARS there was born a jewel called the Earth and it gave birth to many human beings and a nearly infinite supply of fuel beneath their feet and in the forests and other flora that grew around them.
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AND IN EVERYTHING humans did they used this fuel and as they become more and more efficient at using it they used more and more.

IT NOURISHED and sustained them and it helped their numbers grow into billions and as their numbers grew so did the number of machines that used the fuel to give them comfort and wealth.

THEY COULD NOT fathom the Earth was as alive as they were and so were blind to its needs. And that blindness was a sign they did not love the earth for the sustaining and nourishing jewel that it was.

THEIR EYES WERE DEAF to the sounds of mining and drilling, and extraction and fracking and in conquering the earth they did not care what harm they did. And so the Earth became covered with a blanket of carbon that was in the fuel.

THEIR ONLY CONCERN was that it did them no great harm while in their blind deafness the blanket they made heated the Earth beyond anything they could have imagined.

BUT THE LIFE IN THE EARTH could sustain only so much and as both humanity and the Earth began to suffer they both died in a cosmic contest of strength.

IT WAS A PROFOUND and unspeakably tragic loss for it was the only jewel that was known and they were the only conscious and sentient beings.

SO NOW there was nothing that mattered.

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