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Missing Pieces


WHEN I BEGAN THIS PROJECT EARLY IN 2018 I had only one motivation: to stop the feeling that I was hiding from a moral responsibility to do something concrete about climate change. Attending a meeting or two or sending a few hundred dollars seemed like notes pinned to a cork board. Not in any particular order:

1. A feeling of closeness I had to the origin of the Earth that drove me back to the very origin of the Universe to find the links to the Earth.

2. A seeming unwillingnes of most people I knew to try to get a bit more inside the big picture.

3. A growing awareness that everything about life involved the Earth, its role in our lives and its connection to the Universe.

4. Finally a willingness for some to knowingly put the fate of the Earth at risk for gain of one kind or another.

This quickly brought back memories of tobacco company executives that well after the health hazards of cigarettes were known continued to market them with as much vigor as they could, a kind of quasi-murder. And then, after cigarettes were more or less shut down in the US to market in any country that would let them in any way they could to anyone they could and especially to young people.

On the Earth side it meant drill, ravage, steal, strip mine, pollute to acquire valuables. And now fracking, although it created earthquakes.

Were these a sub-species of homo-sapiens or could any of us fall into this life given the chance? Then dozens of examples flooded in from every part of life. Take away government inspection, testing, or whatever, and out the door it goes. Until people start dying.

Until now we find that significant portion of our race will risk the ground beneath their feet and the air we breath, and even pass laws to prevent people from learing about the risks.

The next test is the dictionary. "Inconcievable" and "surreal" get overused pretty quickly. Then I realize I can get my feelings across better with "screwed" and worse.

Then why do my very well educated friends not want to muse or even think about or get quickly bored when I bring up the "time line" of the universe, or how did we get here. With many I don't raise the subject beause "god" is not an answer but the name of an answer.

So "truth" in general raises its bright shining brow, especially in the passion of Neil Degrasse Tyson. Or I launch into a likely boring, detailed explanation of how examples of certain questions such as relativity, or quantum mechanics or, most recently, gravity waves.

So you think I have covered the gamut. The biggies are still there: 1. What caused the big bang; 2. What is consciousness; and (my favorite), 3. What is sentience?

Any or all of these may pop up as a page of their own at some time, but for now I can see the holes in the unknown a little more clearly. And the Earth is visible through all the holes.

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