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Global Warming is the greatest disaster to plague human civilization in it's entire history (beginning approximately 5000 BCE) and that includes wars, plagues, and natural disasters.

It is the most difficult to explain, so it has not arrowsed a fraction of the attention it deserves.

It has the potential to kill everyone on the planet. It has already killed tens of thousands through all time record heat.

Because most of the world leaders have not felt its full impact they have not taken nearly the action necessary.

We are now passing through the time where if it is not arrested it will pass the point where it is self-sustaining and it will then begin to kill millions.

1. Every year will be worse than the year before.

2. Heat will kill more people.

3. Hurricanes will be larger and more intense. Winds will be like tornadoes.

4. In some places more rain will mean terrible floods.

5. In other places there will be severe droughts.

6. Wildfires will be larger, more intense and last longer.

7. Sea level will rise and flood coastal cities.

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