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A Damned Fool (me)

This website is insanity. It is a combination of two attempts to change the world. One of its names is “in another‘s shoes” (inanothersshoes.com) to deal with how each human being is responsible for the health and welfare of every other human being. We must become the “family of humanity” or we, and the earth will die.

The other and first website is “caring for the earth” (caringfortheearth.com) because we are killing the only known home for human life in the universe.

This is so collosal an undertaking that only a damned fool would even raise the subject. Except that I had two fathers and both of them thought they could change the world.

Ten Thousand Years Of Civilization
Meets The Perfect Storm

A deadly virus. The evil mind of an America President.

Our failure to understand the meaning of life

puts Civilization on the edge of a deadly precipice.

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Shallow Education And Its Consequences

A nation that does not comprehend life.

After 10,000 years of civilization we have not learned the meaning of life.

The gifts of the Creation that give us Life, are too close to see.

The vigor that helped make us, has brought us to the edge of destruction.

Selfish politics, the coronavirus, a deaf, dumb and blind American President
are the perfect storm to destroy the miracles that give us Life.


The unimagineable Birth Of The Universe gave us the only known civilization.

Out of unimagineable ignorance our president is determined to destroy it.

The earth that gave birth to us we are on the verge of destroying. The air that we breathe we polute. The seas are collectors of our trash and are dying.

But the greatest tragedy is our failure to know our own minds that are the gift of the universe to us.

We share with humanity of every color the genes of the first humans. We are all Africans. Our skins are colored by the need for the right amount of sunlight. We are intelligent enough to look back in time to see our own birth.

But some of us were never taught of our greatness, and so seek it at the expense of fellow humans. It is the tragedy of tragedies for humanity to turn on itself, and President Trump is leading the charge for he was taught only to bully and lie amd so his soul is empty.

We were created to enjoy the creation but in ignorance our President and his comrades have turned on it and so are risking everything.

On The Backs Of Twenty Slaves

In 1619 twenty Africian slaves arrived in Virginia. They were the beginning of a flood of free labor. Despite our kinship, for we all share the genes of the the first humans, we monitized them and worked them to within an inch of their lives, and then some. The Civil War was just an interruption for Reconstruction followed, education was nil and predice condemned each generation to poverty.

We have demonstrated over and over, over the decades that killing blacks was some kind of venting of anger and hatred. Perhaps because we made them poor and uneducated we feared them. Perhaps we inherited a bias against color, but we created a self-fullfilling prophecy. Poor education led to poverty and led to a humanity we could despise and so we hung, burned, killed and exhiled.

In modern terms, they were monitized. Double entrhy bookkeeping was invented to track efficiency and profits and so we grew 60% of the worlds cotton and collected collosal wealth.

The Civil War was only an interruption for Reconstruction continued the exploitation, for once wealthy, we simply thirst for more. {er} It is our responsibility, in communion with all humanity, to give and share joy. We do it here and there, but we kill it elsewhere.

Black slaves worked the fields of the south to supply 60% of the worlds cotton.

In America, perhaps the greatest failure of all is not realizing that it was slavery, the back breaking work in cotton fields has that made American life possible. The story is incomparably tragic and you should read it.

Ironically, it was blacks that also gave thus their music, our only truly native culture.


Abuse, explotation, deprevation, violence, accusation.

Slaves were exploited to within an inch of their lives, but often that was not enough. Children were torn from parents and sold. Performance in the field was measured to the ounce. A record day of cotton picking meant an increase in quota. Then came war, emancepation. A dream fulfilled.

Reconstruction followed. Separate but equal. Separate in every way, equal in no way. The desperate need was education and it was a laugh if it did not make you cry. And “to the back of the bus” again and again could crush the spirit. It did and it didn’t. But it did have to go underground. Except there was music.

America had pop, but only blacks had jazz and it has become a cultural mainstay around the world.

But education, and poverty and history crushed the possibioity of being part of the real America. Except in sports, where domination often was the new rule.

But humans, both black and white, need more. Blacks needed more of everything, especially their right. Whites needed some of what blacks needed: idendity, recognition, a place higher than the pavement, recognition and something I cannot put my finger on.

Tribes of hatred formed and this helped those whites who had no other way to climb. When I traveled in the south in 1950, my aunt spoke of “poor, white, trash.” Something was wrong and is still wrong. Blacks are killed by police, not often, but with incredible brutality and for no reason. And blacks are trapped.

Liberals help with safety nets, but not with the kind of education that would break though. Nor do they help enough with breaking the remnants of poor, uneducated, descendants of slaves.

America has never been the land of the free and the home of the brave, the place where all are equal. Money rules. Wall street doesntz’ t give a damn and President Trump is a product of the Wall Street attitude.

The previous dean of the Harvard Business School made his mission to teach studeents how to make money. That was it. If you had a desk on Wall Street and theinvestor next to you madea half million more than you, you were a failure. Our President, in fact and in his own mind especially is a failure. And so he acts like other failures and finds those he can put down. And that is anyone who will lick his boots.

We have a government of, by and for the rich. Some give a damn and others don’t. The President just damns everything and everyone that doesn’t lick.

One of the marks of America, a black mark to be sure, is a the cabinet meeting burned into my memory. Around the table satisfying one by one, except for one, the presidents need for praise. The problem is that his base is on his side and could reelect him and I think that could finish this country. We have a reconing coming.

However, we also have a poor understanding of the glorious side of life, and we must get on with that.

That Which Is Hidden Nearby

The streets are not paved with gold.

There is a deep logic to the impossibility of life without death so that between these limited hours of light and darkness we have the labor of Life. But with the gift of the minds that makes life possible is the responsibility to make all we can of it and above all to understand the reponsibility we have to create Life together.

Our minds give us the experience that is Life, but is too close for us to see. With just two eyes and two ears we experience all there is to hear and see.

But the Creation left us with a reasponsibility to fulfill its own purpose: for us to learn, to create, to commune with each other, but above all to know and share the joy of life.

Westerlund 2 — Hubble’s 25th anniversary image
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The Universe Was Created For Us

Someone or something went to an astonishing amount of trouble.

The echoes of their cries are now rampaging through the streets of America aided by a plague of virus and a horribly tragic president and ideology.

Now circumstances are forcing us to see and hear and we must put our minds to learning and understand the whole story. It begins in 1619 with the arrival in Virginia of 20 slaves. It is their legacy we must now hear, see and understand.

The great challenge is the mind that Creation gave us is too close for us to see. The stars, the air that we breathe, the earth that gave birth to us. There are many ancient problems that plague contemporary civilization and either directly cause problems, or intefere with the dealing with or solving problems.

1. Religious convictions underlie the thinking of many parts of society and prevent logical solutions.

2. Science is able to contribute to the solutionn of problems or solve them outright. However, science is either not accepted, not understood at all, poorly understood and even when well understood is not as deeply accepted as necessary.

3. A large part of the science problem, if it is taught at all is how it is taught.

4. Race, and particularly skin color is not understood. Darker skin is primarily caused by the need for protection from the sun. Hence people in the southern latitude have more melenin in their skin. Those whose moved north had to loose the melenin that darkened their skin so it could use sunlight for the production of vitaamin D. A good reference on descrimination based on skin color is this article in wikipadia.

5. Accidents of life, such as working in the fields rather than in the sun, in comparison with those that are weathly enough to avoide such exposure lead to a prejudgment against dark skin.

This one accident (in actuallity a failure) of evolution has likly caused more suffering than any other single cause in history.

6. Humans need the identification with tribes that single them out as chosen (as by god), or being part of an association that gives them idendity.

7. This tribalism, may involve discriminatory beliefs. Sometimes these lead to conflicts between tribes and even pogroms as is the case with jewish people.

8. In the absence of rational thought, the human mind is prone to invention such as conspiries.

9. When a leader comes along and plays to these problems, encouraging the troublesome behavoir the above issues create, there is a potential for cataclismic outcomes.

10. There is no mechanism for choosing leaders with the necessary skills to deal with the above, often leading to tragic consequences.

11. The supposed well-education in our society either do not have the approriate skills or education (such as liberal arts majors having a poor comprehension of science)

12. Constructive life styles that put an emphasis on learning and creatively are usually not part of education.

13. There is a reluctance to form powerful well educated groups. So we get “oncerned” scientists. Where is the courage to form a group of “hopping mad” scientists.

14. When all this is combined with serious and fundamental threats to our environment, in this case global warming, total catastrophe may result.

14. When behavior such as racism, a natural product of much of the above leads to serious abuse, violent confrontion may result.

I believe that a summary of the above comes down to the issues of religion and education. We are still essentially midevil in how we deal with these.

A Perfect Storm

The election of Donald Tromp.

The issues are fundament approximately 10,000 years old. It seems that we should be advanced in our thought processes what with all our learning in science and technology, but our thinking is still mired in much that is mideval. Religious beliefs, even with the decline of church attendance since underlies much of our thiniking. 68% of Americans still believe in the devil. Not being aware of this is bring us to a precipice.

The coincidence of the virus and the presidency of Donald Trump is the perfect historical storm to overturn the ship of civilization. The danger is that we are not prepared to see or hear or comprehend such an odd situation. Worse, our technogy and free market economies seem to effortlessly supply our daily needs, minimizing the need for a deep understanding of our world.

But there is more.

For all but the last few years of the 10,000, there has been no knowledge to explain virtually anything of existence. The planets, rain, sickness, conception, etc. were mysteries and the natural instinct was to invent causes, mysterious forces as explanations.

In the absence of knowledge beliefs are created and the human mind is very capable in creating scenerios to turn beliefs into “knowledge” and these in turn became religion, with the principle players in the scenerios becoming gods.

There were many gods and they evolved as needed and as imagination added to their power. Eventually beliefs in multiple gods gave way to numbers of supreme dieties. The tribes of earlier days had grown into empires and fewer, more powerful gods were an advantage in uniting and inspiring but also were a force for conflict.

Beliefs need verification and in the absence of true knowledge, adding to the congregations supplied a kind of verification. However, the processes needed feeding since it was not verifiable truth that had been added and so the need to expand continues to this day and is the heart of evangelism.

This adds up to two old needs of humanity that are still the driving forces of civilization: validation and domination. Both require political and military development. However, there are different routes to elevation: climb or put down. Often this means wars between empires.

Another major contributing force has been skin color. Although dark skin is simply a protection against too much sun, such simple factors as outdoor workers becoming darker skind encouraged a predudice. Wealth and success were associated with lighter skin. Lighter skin was also created by northward migration. The need for vitamin D caused evolution to select for less melenin in the skin.


The teaching of science across societies and civilization is haphazard and shallow. An understanding of the critical necessity of science to verify or disprove beliefs requires developing a deep understanding of conceptes not a part of everyday life. This is a major complication since many of the beliefs of religion need verification to avoid conflicts and to promote intelligent approaches to life. As I have read studies of the acceptance (or not) of humanity as a factor in global warming I marveled at the slow pace of understanding. Since science education was shallow in the population as a whole, opinion could be swung one way or the other and support for major changes in behavor was lacking and any interference in wealth accumulation (climbing) has been unacceptable. And thus we have what engineers and scientists call initial conditions: the landscape on which the future of humanity will play out and the frightening truth is that deep knowledge of our present situation, our ability to descriminte truth from falsehoods, belief from knowedge, humans descended from slaves from those of lighter skin provides a highly dangerous set of conditions when the environment, both political and natural is disturbed. If a disturbance is serious great harm can result. If both kinds of disturbances happen and both are series, it may lead to catastrophe. If the two disturbances interact in troublesome ways we have conditions for collosal disturbances.

Donald Trump and the covid virus are two such disturbances.

The Donald John Trump Virus

Civilization has never faced such a peril.

The Donald John Trump Virus

Civilization has never faced such a peril.

In the entire history of humanity, such dangers as President Trump and the corona virus have never come together at one time.

Before Donald Trump and the virus came along, global warming was on the verge of taking over the climate. It is possible that it already has. President Trump has suspeded regulations, fired dozens of people vital to the preservaton of the planet and necessary for the safety of all citizens. The earth might have become uninhabitable without Trump’s help. A second term would seal its fate.

There are few faults as dangerous as not knowing what you do not know. Donald Trump of course knows no science. Worse he does not know what science is. And the frosting on the devil’s dog cake is that he does not know that he does not know but has an inner compulsion to act as if he is a master of the topic.

Early in the crisis, President Trump spoke of his “natural ability.”

"You know, my uncle was a great person. He was at MIT. He taught at MIT for, I think, like a record number of years. He was a great super genius. Dr. John Trump. I like this stuff. I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it. Every one of these doctors said, 'How do you know so much about this? ' Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for president."

I attended MIT for seven years and have three engineering diplomas including as much physics and math as a typical physics major. I left one dissertation short of a PhD. Enough was enough. It took me eight years before I was able to walk its halls without feeling anxious. I suspect the air in the foyer at 77 Massachusetts Avenue would have stopped Donald.

President Trump needs to express himself. However, in the absence of knowledge and judgment he must use emotion and that, of course, he reveals in facial expression. However, in reviewing hundreds of photographs I have never seen a smile of joy. For Barak Obama it is natural. For President Trump it is impossible because I do not believe he knows what joy is: the uncontrolled pleasure of a person’s soul. President Trump is simply empty.

All the pictures below are revealing, but Vladimir Putin’s makes me smile. We know that President Trump wants to be a dictator (and may yet achieve his ambition), but he is not a man’s man. Vladimir Putin knows he can have his way with President Trump and it is pure joy.

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What Makes An Empty Man

A human is made by nature and nuture.

My father’s brother earned a PhD. My father was chief engineer making complex machinery almost the day he walked into the door. I learned that learning was the most important thing and that doing at every opportunity was just what you did. It got me into MIT.

Trump was raised without regard for humanity. He was taught to bully, deal, lie and lust. And no more. For those who are knowledgable and creative an empty man is a great sadness for without learning and creating, there is no life. The full truth is beyond his understanding.

In situations such as we are facing, I try to look from the broadest perspective. It is possible that history books will eventually look at civilization as before Trump and after Trump, for I believe we will yet see consequences we cannot imagine.

Humanity: The View From Here

Has it evolved as much as we think.

We talk of modern man. Of equality of opportunity. Of the free market. Christians preach the prosperity gospel. We send satellites to Pluto and detect gravity waves.

But how many of us know from where our distant ancestors came, or the propaganda teachings of our more recent kin.

“America, America God shed his grace on thee, and found they good in brotherhood....” is an America that never was.

If one were to collect the important knowledge our species has learned it would fill many books. Much of it would be stunning in is astonishing insite. But the essense of this insite would be lost on all but a few, even those who are would be considered well educated.

It is easy to be fooled. It is hard to learn new concepts. The enlightenment began in the late 1800s and soon evaported. Why? I think because there was no need to know. There were interrptions: two world wars and a great depression, pan demics and viroses a century ago.

There was no need to know in depth because livlihood did not require it. Entertainment did not require it. And institutions of learning were fooled about the depth of humanity that was taught. I know. I went to one of the very greatest universities in the world. Studied under one of its great professors. Received three diplomas and became a member of three honerary socities.

A long time to think.

It was not until my 75th year, that the first stirrings of doubt came from researching the fate of a warming planet. I learned astonishing things about myself and my species. That my ancestors came from Africa and that I was very distantly related to the black slaves that arrived in America in 1619. And then I read of their treatment. In modern lingo they were monitized. Double entry book-keaping was invented to maximize the profits of plantations. Black slaves worked from sun-up until sun-down and were beaten if they did not meet the record pickings of the day before. Their families were sold off. And the textbooks of today lie and barely touch the topic. Slaves are portrayed as grateful for the jobs and care they receive.

The attitudes about monitized humans have been passed through to this day such that to be black and an educated man was impossible and still is very difficult except for a very talented few. Blacks live surrounded by poverty, absentee parents, and no examples of what joy there is in a creative life. And a mystery of mysteries, they are hated, hanged, draged behind cars, beaten but above all not educated. Or allowed to vote. It is one of the great failures of humanity. But there is another, perhaps more important. Hardly anyone knows about this.

A long history of shallow education.

As technology has made the need for deep knowledge unnecessary by giving us proposperty so freely, we have not learned to see through the fog of mideval thinking.

Two tragedies rule our minds: The remnants of religion and of slavery.

God is most likely the name of a cause and not the cause itself. Religions demand we believe. They do not explain that belief is not knowledge and that no knowledge exists. True knowledge is difficult to come by and of all the failures of thinking and education this is the most important.

It comes into our lives in many ways. 68% of us believe in the devil. Many of us are taught to rely on god for our well being and for riches. It is the prosperity gospel and has no basis in the bible. It is usual to the extent it promotes positive thinking, but that is the end. God does not shower riches except on the preachers. And where once the preachers traeled circuits, now the circuit carry their voices and images to all the world. But there is no more substance to it than when it began in the sale of potions and oils.

2020~The First Year Of Our Trials

A momentous experiment: How shallow could shallow education get

Difficulties, large and small, come along with some regularity. It is a little like fishing. If you fish often enough sooner or later there is a truly prizeworthy catch. A large part is statistics or luck. And occasionally the elements create a perfect storm.

The bad breaks that elected President Trump are truly remarkable yet are probably deserved. Truly compasionate citizens of a liberal pursuasion lost the battle to the money hungary and the value of America passed into a very few hands, did not understand, and yet was only a name for an explanation. Slavery permeated thinking since its introduction in 1619. Its monitization of humans is the root of the Floyd tragedy. We cannot shake a contempt for dark skin, nor do we know why it is dark.

Raceism and religion both seduce and corrupt. Both provide roads to feelings of superiority, of being chosen and better with no substance for either.

As scientific knowledge has advanced its meaning has not been taught or appreciated. We do not understand the world nor each other. Underlying attudes are reminiscent of the dark ages. Donald Trump is a perfect example. We have been fooling ourselves that we are an “advanced” civilization. Most tragically we treat each other as warring tribes. The attitude toward minorities, the lack of concern (safety nets) is the sign of politics out of control. Trump and conservatives play each other for suckers to the detriment of all.

The ownership of American by less than ten people is incomprehensibel and is flat out the consequence of conservative ideology.

Donald Trump is the perfect fool to aid in the destruction of America and its values. Trump cannot say a word that is not a lie and in the face of the virus threat he does not lead, for he doesn't know how. He is the most dangerous person in the history of humanity.

The forces of history.

Thinking is shallow no matter the education. Scientists do not know the meaning of life any more than anyone else. PhDs in any field other that science do not grasp the significance of what science knows. And the average citizen harding knows the meaning of the word.

An astonishing number of people believe in the devil. The principle source of understanding of the universe is religion which is mostly fiction. A major force like Christianity is fragmented so much it might as well be 1000 different religions, and so an all powerful god is doing a poor job of communication. Christianity has some good messages from Jesus about how people should be treated, but we had the inquisition and now we have the prosperity gospel.

The underpinning of thoughts about life are science and the best philosophers. However, the substance of how we treat each other i a leftover from a country that relied on slaves to create its wealth.

The combination of Trump, the virus and global warming has a good chance of civil war, a drastically reduced inhabitable land area, and that will lead to a population less than half of what we have now.

How could this happen.

The original villian was the introduction of agriculture in about 8000 BCE for that freed the most agressive males of hunter gatherer tribes free to do what they pleased. So they began wars to claim land, and more wars to create empires. seldom ranges widely enough to began an understanding of humanity. In the present (May 2020) when knowledge of man, evolution, the cosmos, psychology and more have advanced enormously, seldom, if ever, are findings made taking from all relevant fields. Furthermore, beyond these aspects of human experience that have not been touched by any of these fields. Furthermore, the singularity that is our President, has shaken humanity to a point of frustrution and confusion that despair becomes the norm. Yet such a shaking may offer some insights no likely to happen without the shaking.

Since the dawn of ciilization perhaps 8000 or so BCE, humanity has, from my perspective, been in constant turmoil. War has often been the norm, rather than the exception. Science, althouth revelatory is usually ignorned. Scientists, even under threats of extreme catastrophe have not mobilized. Non-scientists, despite great education (along with those with lesser education) do not sense the deep urgency that science has revealed.

Under these conditions, the combination of the pandemic and the President seem to me impossible to survive in the long run. Before either, the threat to the planet of rising temperature had in all likelihood passed the point of no return.

Writing an exposition of this situation requires far more knowledge than I can bring to the table and is, infact, the challenge for whatever remains of civilization. Yet my interest in a wide range of fields sounds the most clanging alarm bells I have ever heard. The dissonances, contorted melodies, jumbled keys put all composers I have heard to shame. However, hoping to shed a flashlight with virtually depleated battereries forces me to continue something almost certainly futile.

If I step back it seems that for most of history since the introduction of agriculture at about 8000 years BCE that humanity has found ways to divide itself. Rich vs poor, one religion vs anotherm one political concept vs another. Yet we are created with stunning abilities for learning and creating that bring enormous pleasure and satisfaction. Why do we not as a society recognize this? Scientific theories of the universe (thories of everything) never mentioon emotion or sentience. Liberal arts PhDs miss out on science. And when a monster like Trump comes along we almost lay down as if dead whie he neglects his duties resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Something is fundamentally wrong in the way we look at life. Political systems create governments of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

How is it possible for total idiots (Trump is not alone) to become leaders.

There is a fundamental failure in America’s political processes. Trump should never have gotten to first base and that tells us there is something fundamentally wrong with how we educate.

In my ideal world there would be a set of values that are taught the same everywhere and prospective leaders, in order to run for election should have to take one or two years at a leadership institute. Of course the world could never agree on what should be taught and we will ccontinue to get morons as eeuiuhhh

their work. The experiences that make life worth living are missing. These absences are dooming us.

As the world heads to a precipice there is no massed presence of intellect seeking to occupy Washington. We need a new million man march of the human intellect.

Saving the World, After It’a Too Late

Donald J. Trump has brought us to a modern, long delayed, precipice. His disrupting presence has exposed many old-world dividing traits. The history of humanity will depend on its ability to finally deal with religious, racial and political divisions and the limitations evolution has put into our souls.

Homo sapiens evolved in Africa as a separate species of primate most closely related to chimpanzees, gorrilas, and bonobos monkeys. European homo sapiens interbred slightly with Neanderthals who eventualy died out likely due to the superior organizing intellect of homo sapiens. Asians followed a slightly different path interpreding with slightly different early humans.

Skin color has been a deviceive force almost everywhere that blacks and whites have coexisted, depite the fact that both have the same African ancestors who migrated north into Europe and east into Asia. Skin color is simply the result of how far north our African ancestors migrated. The further north the more harmful was the pigment melonomin in their skin for with less sunlight insuffiient vitamin D was produced. So Scandanavians are pale, mid-latitude settlers brown and Africans who stayed at the equator may be coal black.

We reached our present state of intellectual capability about 200,000 years ago and existed as hunter-gatherer tribes until the introduction of agriculture about 10,000 BCE. HRT, author of Sapiens considers this a great disaster. Evolution had created a species and a format of life that worked. A beautiful picture can be found in The Old way.

It took time, but agriculture like a nuclear weapon.

Argiculture freed hunter-gatherers from the cohension of small groups of humans. The alpha type agressor-hunters were fredd from a well-adapted roll.

They began creating what we now call civilization and, in my opinion, were unsuited to this roll.

They suffered from two debiliting characteristics: an inability to stop expanding empires and acquiring wealth and an inability to form peaceful relationships among political entitives. This has not changed.

Religion became a uniting and disrupting force. A controlling, saving entity that was named god evolved , or rather was created, under the same name, but in many different forms. This continues to this day, an example being the evangelical support of Donald Trump and the corruptive disruptiong of the prosperity gospe.

Tribal fears and the need to acquire power continue to this day in many parts of the world. Religion continues to separate when the idea of a “chosen people” modifies behavoir creating jealosies.

The United States was formed in a noble attempt to esczpe the old world with its remants of empires and divisions of many kinds especially religions ones. However, the curses and blessings of homo sapiens came to the new world.

The great sin of mankind, slavery, came to the new world very early. In 1619 the first slaves arrived. Their capture in Africa by supposedly civilized Europeans tells us that mankind stopped evolving in morarity and intellect and that stagnated vision became pzrt of America.

America is a combination of the idealism of the founding fathers and the dark side suited best to small tribes, except that the dark side owns Americal. One percent of the popultion owns 80% of America. This is a fundmental issue that controls the welfare of the lower, middle and even parts of upper middle classes.

Europe has, to a degree, evolved by forming relatively small states where a cohesive political organization is at least possible and, after much fighting, has somewhat settled in the European Union. However, it will be a long time before this reaches solid stability.

America is too large. Its red and blue state dicotomy and the attitudes that go along make rational government nearly impossible. In the present virus crisis New Zealands leaders were able to get all 5 million of its population on the same page and the virus was tamed. Not only does the American book have countless pages it has an evolving, revolving, dissolving, absolving, and compassionsion group of authors. Chapters, pages, phrases and random blocks of text are rewritten, sometimes in private. A clause can be snuck into a bill and the world turned upside down. And that is not nearly the end of it. Conservative and liberal my joust for power, but minorities of many kinds are at their mercy. Black and browns. Natives and immigerants are whole classes that may be mercelessly subdued or catered to depending on the needs of the reds and the blues.

Overiding and underlying blankets smother or fan flames.

Religion runs by its own rules aligning with one political entity or another or neither. Conservatism has benefited enormously from the Prosperity Gospel. Although it has no basis in scripture it appeals to the dream of financial success. Evangelicism, hanging its loyality on the single issues of abortion also runs conservative and as followed Trump straight into hell. The idiociy of useing the questionalbe doctrine of “grace” to forgive every Trump sin as it happens is beyond understanding, except within the idea of a cults. Cults abandon rationality to reacha promised land. Once the cult is established no behavior is bizarre to break through the promise. The illogic of believing what you want to believe in the face of almost anthing takes over.

The Fate of The Donald.

Post war and depression economics.

Post World War I America become accustomeed to prosperity. The the depressiona and the rescue of World War II.

World War II was a double edged sword on America. High paying jobs, unions, and the Roosevelt safety net set up a complacency that even Joe McCarthy, Korea and the Cold War could not upset for several decades. But technology was changing the rules in a fundamental way and education was not preparing the way, either because the problem was not recognized or if it was, the attitude was to let it be. So education stayed shallow, not dealing with fundamental issues be they race, automation, the widening gap between rich and poor, or the two horrendous wars: Vietnam and the second gulf war that were fought for no reason.

A shallow education leaves a public that cannot reoognize problems up to and including global warming and the potential diestruction of the earth. So the earth decays, the middle and lower classes stagnate, and we are not equipped to pick up on The Donald until it is too late.

I picked up on Trump fairly early although I could not bear to listen to him. But I read “I've been hearing things,” about the birther issue.

A presidential canidate does not spread rumors, hearsay about such a fundamental issue. He assigns an aide to investigate and only with real evidence does he open his mount. So this was a sign of a modus operandi that would come to characterize the administration. Say what you wish to say, deny it, make it a flat out lie, a frabrication, but above all, be sure it has no content. But of course The Donald is empty, so there can be no content.

I contend that Donald Trump, with the exception of an extreme need for approval, is the most abscent human being we know. Not quite: there are some policies, some fights, but they all wash out, except they leave a trail of droppings. A few are picked up and worshipped. The rest are just confusion. And the confusion it a truly monumental tragedy. Donald Trumps hesitation to act on the virus has cost to date (Memorial Day, 2020) likely 80,000 lives. Murder by incomprehension, inaction, lack of any kind of compassion, or knowledge. A a dismissing of experts.

The Hoax that is America

Rotten at the surface. Rotten in government. Value in the heated citizenery.
Future: Unknown.

Post war

or has not been united in values and politics. The most divicive characteristics are the tribalism of the old world, the insistance on empire and a willingness to destroy the native population.

Tribalism and a failure to develop a deeper sense of civiliation led American into two costly wars (Vietnam and the second Gulf war) and has failed to overcome the attitudes instilled by slavery.

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