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And The Jewel Beyond

THIS WEBSITE is my attempt to give an overview of what most people refer to as climate change or global warming and to give a picture of the catastrophe on our doorstep.

I try to explain the science, but also delve into the psychology that brought us to this place and what is likely to follow in the coming century and beyond. I try to give a picture of what we should be doing, are not doing and why.

I have devoted considerable time in the last 12 years to keeping up with global warming. I came at it hoping it wasn't true or serious. It took me about two deeply depressing years to accept reality.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS UNBELIEVABLY COMPLEX. The challenge is to pick out the most important issues, and integrate them into a whole picture.

It is critical to identify the most important problems, those that must be solved. Unfortunately the biggest problem is that most of the world is in denial. By that I do not mean deniers but those who know better but figuratively throw up their hands and go about their business. We talk about it but there is really nothing further to do. There are no action plans to choose among, although there may be some politicans more aware than others. We may hear the words calamity and catastrophe but we also hear about temperature changes of 2 or 3 degrees C and think "how bad is that," and believe there is time to find a solution.

WE ARE NOT DENIERS in claiming global warming is not caused by humans, but we are not holding anyone's feet to the fire and making them move as fast as they need to. Mostly we can't find the right fireplace.

My wife knows me as a pessimist and I am always asking "well, what's the worst that can happen?" After 6 months working on this web site, I decided I was an amateur at pessimism, and if we didn't seriously get our act together the outcome would indeed be exceedingly unpleasant, a catastrophe unlike anything we could have imagined.

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