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Warmer at the Poles

ONE OF THE BIGGEST EFFECTS of climate change is the melting of ice at the north and south poles. Temperature increases at the poles have been greater than the average for the planet. Floating glaciers do not change sea level, but glaciers on land melt and add to the water in the oceans. The north pole is expected to be free of ice in a few years. In the south pole, a glacier the size of the state of Delaware has broken free of the land.

IN A REPORT FROM MARCH 2014 NASA has reported that the melting of glaciers in Antartica is now "unstoppable" and NASA has increased its prediction of sea level rise at the end of the century (2100) from three feet to as much as seven feet. Of all the consequences of climate change, sea level rise is the most cataclismic because of flooding of cities that are just a few feet above sea level.

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Antartica West Glacier
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Delaware Size Glacier Breaks from Anartica
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