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A Bit of Bio

and why I created this website.

A Bit of Bio

I have three degress from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two fabulous fathers (one a professor at MIT) and a lifetime of thinking. And an attitude. Going to the world's best university brings out a certain arrogance. But going there for seven years also beats you to a pulp so acquiring three diplomas was enough. And although my father wished desperately for me to earn a PhD I could not stay enough longer to do a dissertation. So I said to my father/professor that another three or so to do a dissertation so it was time to move on. He said "do you want a job." There were four people at Bose Corporation at the time and I become the 5th starting out with my own NASA contract.

I loved my 23 years at Bose and learned more than I imagined possible. But as good as the job was, in a few years the earth started to do something to me and I becaame a landscape photographer. (wawrzonek.com)

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