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Business As Usual

1. Strip Mining

2. Open Pit Mining

3. Tailings left everywhere

4. Stream Pollution without qualms

5. Now Ocean Bottom Devestation

6. Fracking

7. Pipelines

8. No regard for areas affect

9. No regard for runoffs

10. No regard for anything

11. No regard for pollution

12. No regard for driking water even with lead

13. No regard for cyanamid poison and other poisens

14. No regard for total forest destruction: Amazon, Australia

15. And More

16. A popolace where only a small percentage are conscious of this happening and try to do something about it (Sierra Club)

17. Business (mostly conservative) demean “tree huggers”

18. No regard for health, education or welfare of workers

19. No regard for how many jobs an individual must work to support a family

20. No regard for health care

21. Prosperty motivating churches


A Dying Planet

22. Descrimination at will for any reason

23. No comprehension that we are “all of the same tribe genetically”

24. Willing to forget anything for profit

25. Forget carbon, knowing it is a problem 26. Forget the earth

27. Forget anyone who doesn’t belong to the tribe

28. “Shareholder Value” is god.

29. No comprehension of the concept of “reciprocity”

30. No comprehension of the “beauty of the earth”

31. Completely oblivious to the state of the earth

32. Completely obliviouc to the glories of fine art

33. Population oblivious to the glories of the earth.

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