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The Universe

No one knows why we were created. Science at its most exaulted does not know. Most will say it was an act of god, but god is a name for a cause, it does not explain where god came from.

My favorite writer-philosopher on this question is Jim Holt. Buy his book, or better still just listen to his 20 minute TED TALK by clicking on WHY DOES THE UNIVERSE EXIST?

For my purposes there have been four creations. The last two were made possible by the existence of the earth: 1. The universe; 2. The earth; 3. Humanity; 4. Humanity’s creations.

Climate change concerns the earth, of course and early life originated on the earth (there is an on-going debate whether the first life was delivered by a meteor but it doesn’t matter for our purposes). The earliest forms of life were bacteria and humanity evolved from these bacteria. It is thus painfully ironic that humanity is doing its best to ruin or destroy the earth. It is also a bit of a miracle that humanity has figured out that there was a big bang and the steps that led to the creation of the earth.) See the time-line of the universe, below.

I will show below my calculation putting the probability at one in one hundred trillion. A scientist of evolution happened to come up with the same number. But we do not study this so these seems like strange questions.

If you ask what is the most glorious part of existence, it will turn out to be that which is closest to you: something called sentience, your own experiences of seeing and hearing and what we see and hear. Sentience is inexplicable by science. It is not included in the most arcane “theories of everything.” I call it the Fifth Force to supplement the four forces of physics. And I will give you some examples to listen to and to look at.

Since I became aware of global warming and began suffering from a depression that will never go away, I have joked, when working two years almost night and day on this website, that I was trying to save the world. I could hardly thing of anything more ludriculous. However the collosal failures of humanity and consequences make it not quite so ludicrous.

There may been more drafts and revisions and re-thinkings and reading than I could imagine. And although I think we have flown our plane into a box canyon*, my purpose has been to approach as grim a reality as humanity has every faced, as clearly as I am able.

Early History

1. The Birth and Evolution of the Universe

2. The Creation of the Earth

3. The Evolution of Life

4. The Emergence of Homo Sapiens

5. Early Life-Hunter Gatherers

6. The Migration from Africa

7. The Development of Agriculture

8. The Emergence of Nation States

9. Early Societies, Mideval Times

10. Early Science-Comprehending the Solar System

11. Understanding of Electromagnetism

12. The Periodic Table

13. Development of the Calculus

Early Demise

14. Discovery of the Chemistry of Carbon Dioxide and Sunlight

15. Invention of the Steam Engine

16. Begin Increase CO2 in the Atmosphere (1860)

17. Early Warning of Danger-Edward Teller (1959)

18. Research by Oil Companies-Confirmation of Problem

19. Warning to Congress-James Hansen-1988; Chrises Now Clear; no action

20. Failure to Act

21. Crises

22. Probably end of the earth as we know it.

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