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John Wawrzonek

I am almost 78 years old. My birthday is 9/11. I have had several wonderful careers plus a great deal of luck finding them.

The principal influences in my life were my two fathers. My biological father died in 1971 at age 59. His goal was that I get the best education possible and to convince me I could accomplish anything (some of which were impossible).

My second father was Professor Amar Bose at MIT. I was in the first class he taught at MIT and it was the first course I took in eletrical engineering. He was a superb teacher.

An important part of my education was having Dr. Bose as my faculty advisor at MIT and then working for Bose Corporation for 23 years starting as its fifth employee. I maintained a close relationship with Dr. Bose until the end of his life. Our one-on-one dicussions during my years at the company was one the best educations a man could get.

Simultaneously I developed a career in the fine arts and still work as a fine art nature photographer. My experiences as a photographer have made me particularly sensitive to the beauty of our planet.

My work at Bose Corporation involved communication to the general public of technical concepts. I have also given lectures to the Thoreau Society on global warming with little impact. This was surprising given that Thoreau is often considered the first conservationist.

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