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The Earth is Toast

The News Lost and The Heat to Come

The public, the press, FOX NEWS, evangelicals, and all to the right do not believe there is a problem and that is a monumental problem.

I have enough science background to understand what is happening (BIOGRAPHY) and one thing I understand is that global warming is nearly impossibile to understand well enough to see it for the catastrophe it is. The New York Times relegates coverage to the bottom of page 13. I do not believe there is anyone on their staff competant enough to persuasively write about global warming. A PhD in English gets you nowhere except fooling yourself that you are smart enough. For the past ten years their should have been a black boardered obiturary for the Earth on the front page. Editors, hear me. Can you imagine what that could have accomplished.

Washington Post

For a third straight day, a ferocious heat wave is baking large parts of Europe, and the exceptionally high temperatures are making history.

On Friday, the town of Gallargues-le-Montueux in southern France hit 114.6 degrees (45.9 Celsius), the hottest temperature ever recorded in the country.

The scorching temperature easily surpassed, by more than 3 degrees, the previous record of 111.4 degrees (44.1 Celsius) set in the southern town of Conqueyrac in France’s historic 2003 heat wave, which was blamed for 15,000 deaths.

Etienne Kapikia, a forecaster for Météo-France, the country’s meteorological agency, tweeted that 13 different locations had surpassed the 2003 record.

The heat was so intense that, for the first time since initiating its heat warning system (after the 2003 heat wave), Météo-France declared a red alert, the highest level, for the southeast part of the country Friday. It remains in effect until 4 p.m. local time Saturday.

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Earthrise, Apollo 8, December 1968

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