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At The End Of The Day...

A Conclusion Of Sorts

There is an infinity of unanswered and probably unanswerable questions. You will have them scattered through the web site and may remember a few if you have read any of this.

However, there are still a couple I don’t remember asking.

My dear friend, magnificant friend and glorious photographer and stunning intellect parts company with me a bit. He tells me I am foolish for looking at the end points: the big bang in particular. I have no answer expect that I have been interested in it since age 11 or so, and cannot write on a subject like the destruction of the earth without putting the candle on the cake. Some significance is given to the earth and its people knowing of its spectacular origin. So I include the preamble at the very beginning. If you haven't clicked on it but are reading this, I urge you to do so. Then come back here.

Pulling a conclusion of any kind out of the mess that is human civilization is impossible. So I call it a conclusion of sorts.

As hunter gatherers we likely did a fair bit of fighting and I expect, given that we are all descended from the same Africians, that genes are within all of us to some degree to want to fight. However, at least some of us have declined to do so while others continue doing nothing else.

I remember that during the second very stupid and needless second Iraq war that the administrator in charge decided to dissolve the Iraq army, police and any other defence forces. This was a calamity since the only thing these men know how to do was fire a rifle. But now, without any restraints they began firing them and all sorts of mayhem followed. So my conclusion is that you do what you know how to do and of the things you know how to do what you do is what gives you the most joy and what bonds you to the people you know.

Hence scientists do science, muscians play music, cooks cook, hair-dressers dress hair, and so forth. Unless someone drafts them, this is what will occupy them and what will benefit their society.

Additionally, the more they know about life which might include some science, some knowledge of diciplines other than their speciality, some morality, some concepts, such as sentience and reciprocity and there is hope for a satisfying life, even a life with joy.

However, creating this kind of society is difficut. America tried it with stunning intelligence. However, I believe it is on the verge of failure, and that failure goess back to limitations on what the citizens learned. Virtually no scienc, nothing about our origins from the same racial source, the importance of reciprocity and a bit of economics.

Both these last two affect the vision of the economic drivers of our society that they are not racially superior and that they are dependent on an army of support personnel: drivers, drillers, dress-makers, dining room attendents, and droves of other discipines. And for them they should be grateful and be taught, from before leaving the womb, that with the power of their wealth they are responsible for sharing satisfaction and joy with their armies and that means they share their wealth and their attention that recognizes them as fellow human beings. Reciprocity. It is essential.

But there is one more part of this army. That which provides the underpinnings and resources and climate and that is the earth. Eyes wide open. Mind wide open. Awareness of consequences. For otherwise we will have flown our socity right into a box canyon and a crash with untold suffering will result.

We are all responsible for each of us, skin color being just vitamin D, and we are responsible for the earth. Otherwise all will end with nothing.

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