All my life I have trusted that what I needed to do would cross my path. I often joked that I just do what comes next. This has taken me through several astonishingly enjoyable careers in music, science, engineering, marketing and photography.

I used to drive through Sandy Hook, Connecticut to visit a man named Warren Condit. Warren had the skills to build the special equipment I needed for the unusal process I used for printing my images of nature.

Sandy Hook was the quintessional quiet New England town with a square I remember well. Then came the shootings.

I do not oppose gun ownership. I do oppose a failure to think, especially when that leads to something dangerous or even catastrophic.

The shooting at Sandy Hook killed 30 chidren and 6 adults. It so happened that my neice’s husband was a pastor in that part of Connecticut and he had to councel the first responders. I had a long conversation with Craig. It had shaken him to the core and listening shook me too and I began this website. I felt I had to do something. The website had the web address

A few months later I read about gobal warming. It was a dreadful change, but my science background would prove usefull. So became

In my studies I experienced over and over again a part of human nature I had known but never really comprehended. I did not realize the harm it had caused.

The officers of the companies that sold cancer causing cigarettes knew, well before anyone else, the harm they were doing. And they certainly did not need the money. It took decades and millions of shortened lives before government regulations restricted the purchase of cigarettes, especially by the young.

I first read about global warming on the web and my engineers’s reaction was ”we’re screwed,” for once we had reached a certain point the warming fed on itself. It is called positive feedback and causes an exponential increase in temperature.

The fossil fuel peddlers knew this from their own research. They knew that ultimately it could make large parts of the earth uninhabitable, or it could make the whole earth uninhabitable. Yet they kept on producing fossil fuels and fought to supress damaging information. They had the cooperation of conservatives in Congress. The virus has been a distraction but the burning continues and we are too preoccupied to deal with it.

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