Out of proportion. A category 3 hurricane is just short of causing major damage to typical, reasonably well constructed frame houses. A category 4 hurricane is capable of destroying such homes and a category 5 hurricane will likely desimate an area as shown in the image below.

This kind of behavoir is understandable. Every material and joint has a breaking point and when that point is reached damage increases rapidly.

Projecting temperature increases in the climate is difficult for a number of reasons so scientists tend to hedge ddf d to date is dismal. (Note that the improvement in renewable energy while spectacular in many ways still represents only a small fraction of the total energy needed and that will continue through all or most of this century.)

However, even if emissions were reduced to zero, the accumulation of CO2 plus expectations of increased methane emissions (which is about 30 times as strong in is effect as CO2) makes any optimistic projection unwise. Much more likely is that emissions of CO2 will continue at near their present levels unless some international organization creates rules that are committeed to and enforced. I refer to such an orgaf. However, the likelyhood of this happening, especially with the world political trend moving in the conservative directionb, is very unlikely.

It is therefore likely that climate temperature will be moving into the 3°C to 5°C range or even higher and when one realizes what is happening already and the scientific concern of exceeding 1.5°C, then pessimism and even extreme pessisism is the order of the day.


The thermometer has barely moved. Slightly less that 1°C may seem a small amount but it represents an enormous amount of energy to raise the temperature of land, sea and air for the entire globe.
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