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The Earth is being destroyed by its inhabitants and profitiers.

Then I found that power oil company executives who knew the whole story behind this "climate change," not only worked to cover it up, but created advertising and PR material to smother the knowledge of the danger of fossil fuels.

This is the most vile sin in the history of humanity. It covered up the fact that energy company executives did not have the courage to make the decisions that would save the Earth. For all intents and purposes they started the fire below and thousands of others yet to come.

However, I felt I had to devote my time and skills to studying the story and telling it in a way anyone could understand. My view of life changed from a form of peace for the time that came after me to a fury at humanity and civilization, and particularly at the "tribes" who destroyed the Earth to make obscene sums of money and then didn't give a damn.

As I was making the last photographs for my book The Illuminated Walden, I found it difficult to find brilliant reds when once they were everywhere.

I drove to Walden Pond one evening and there was a rare and wonderfully brilliant maple tree on the shore of the pond with the sun setting over the pond and behind the tree.

Crimson is now gone from my neighborhood and in a terrible way in my mind's eye replaced my thousands of square miles of wildfires.

The wild fires struck home in a more personal way about two weeks ago when I received a request to purchase a copy of another Walden image. In this case the print had been destroyed by a California wildfire.

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