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HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: LIGHT from the sun changes to HEAT when it hits something somewhat dark. (It's what makes your car hot when you leave it in the sun with the doors and windows closed.) The principle cause of climate change for the Earth is the amount of heat delivered by the sun and the amount that stays on the Earth (i.e. is not reflected back into space).

The illustration below illustrates what has happened. Now we are adding carbon dioxide at a fast and (this is hard to beieve) accelerating rate. That means the Earth is getting hotter and since we are putting out more and more carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels like wood, oil, natural gas, etc.

THE PROBLEM is that we have not done nearly enough to limit the emissions of carbon dioxide. We are emitting more each year than the year before. Since 1996 we have emitted as much carbon dioxide as all of humanity in all the years up to 1996 combined. is what reflects the heat back into the Earth and causes the land, air, an oceans to get warmer and warmer. This has become a very big problem because we have not really done much about it. We negotiated the "Paris Accords" and no one is meeting their promises causing major distuption to the weather.

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IN THIS GRAPH the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere cycled (changed in a roughly regualar manner) every 50,000 years or so from about 180 to 240 ppm (parts per million). This meant that over a lifetime the climate would not change nor would it change over any lifetime within memory.

HOWEVER, ABOUT 1850 something major began happening and the carbon dioxide changed over about 170 years (which is a hiccup to Mother Nature) from about 240 ppm to the current (mid-2018) value of 410 parts per million which is about 70%. When it comes to climate this is a bombshell and we would guess it would affect the climate because the extra carbon dioxide is the blanket that keeps light from the sun, which is changed into heat by the Earth from returning into space.

IT IS EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATE that so few people understand this, especially so-called "deniers," members of government (EXTRA ESPECIALLY Donald Trump). It is simple and understandable and could make all the difference in the world. (When Donald Trump (from here on known as Bingo Brain) first uttered the word "hoax" someone should have called the FBI becuase it was the largest "falsehood" in history.) It is extremly difficult for me not to get worked up over this because it may well be the most consequentual world uttered in the nistory of humanity.

It is also extremely unfortunate that the media, the Union of Concercerned Scientiests. all high school and college physics teachers did not immediately pack up and march on Washington.

ONE MORE THING. Many years ago my mentor Dr. Amar Bose pointed out something to me. When there are two groups of people, say liberals and the alt-right, and everyone in a group believes exactly the same thing, then no one is doing any thinking. I call it "homogenaity of thought," so no matter what you might have throught outside the room the doorway brainwashed you and you immediately took on the beliefs, no matter how important the issue, including the future of the planet of your tribe. This is a major failure of the human race. (Excuse me, but an e-mail just arrived and I need to start a new page.)

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